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Allocating Cash / Explain transactions BUG

Problem reported by Jon Hammersley 4 years ago

Please see attached list of transactions, the highlighted transaction has progress showing as 100% however there is still 1 transaction to allocate.

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Hi Jon,

That's odd - are there any deleted transactions on this statement - click on the Explain link and then make sure to remove the tick in the box to hide deleted transactions:


Hello John, there were no deleted transactions just one transaction that hadn't been allocated.

Also John your attachment in your reply is for someone else's system. We don't use Barclays.

Oh sorry, I think I was on the wrong line of enquiry there - don't worry though the screenshot was from the demo just for illustration of the Hide deleted box. Does the statement not appear on the Money>Bank accounts menu? Usually, when the statement appears in the history and not on the bank accounts menu (if there are transactions remaining to explain) there could be an issue with the link from the statement to the bank account. It might be best if I investigate on your account if that's ok?

Yes no problem. We've allocated the payment now, hopefully this won't prevent you in any way.

Thanks Jon,

I have raised this with the technical team to see if they can shed some light - as far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be any problems with the statement so I'm not sure why it would only appear in history. I will keep you updated with their findings.

Oh also, I'm just going to remove that screenshot of yours - I don't think there is any sensitive info but you can never be too careful.

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