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Invoice Numbers Changed suddenly

Problem reported by Karen Robertson 4 years ago

My Invoice number jumped from 12001279 to 124932504 in November sometime, it was frustrating but never had time to sort it, and thought I would just re set the numbers for beginning of the year.

But after reading your other comments about prefixing and resetting the invoice numbers it seems it cant be done.

I need this to get fixed, I cannot find a contact number for you anywhere and wondered could someone contact me please.

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Hi Karen,

Your issue is now with our technical team and I will be in touch when I hear back from them.

Thank you Aran, I posted this before I spoke to you :)

Hi Karen,

Your numbering has been reset, so you should now be able to create invoices in the way you want.

Hi Aran, this has happened again, could you help with it again many thanks :)

Hi Karen,

Will you please email us at support@clearbooks.co.uk with all the specific information and screenshots? This will raise a ticket which I can then pin to your previous issue.

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