Why is the Projects dropdown not sorted alphabetically?

Problem reported by Simon Houghton 5 years ago

Hi Clear Books

My first post, so hopefully this will let you know how frustrated I am about this, in that I have actually bothered to post on your forum...


Why oh why is the projects dropdown not alphabetically sorted, yet the Client one is? I've got enough projects now that it's getting very hard to find the one I want quickly.

While I'm here, why also do projects you have Archived, still show everywhere? IMO if its archived hide it from the system, have a button to show them if you want... but please oh please have the default to hide them.

Please... please please.. can you do this...

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Six days and no response....

Thanks, Clear Books, you make me feel so special and valued as a customer...

Hi Simon,

Sorry that no one got back to you about this query.

I will speak to our development team to see if this can be easily changed to show the projects alphabetically. As soon as I have any further information, I'll update you straight away.

Which areas of your account are the archived projects showing in? I'll take a look into why that might be the case. In terms of raising invoices and bills, archived projects shouldn't appear.

Hi Simon,

Our development team have now alphabetised the project list in the timesheets area.

Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.

Ace, thank you very much :) Really appreciate your helping on this

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