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emailing POs

Problem reported by Andy Miller 3 years ago

After receiving a call from one of our staff because she could no longer email a PO to a supplier I discovered you have changed the software and I do not recall you informing anyone that you were going to do this.

Specifically the way we have used Draft & complete status has been not to mark the PO as complete until goods are delivered and the supplier has billed us. This way of working is now not possible because you cannot email it to the supplier until marked complete. I am not arguing about the right or wrongs of when a PO is marked complete but if you are going to change your paying customers work patterns it would be nice to let them know first so they can ensure all of their business's employees also know.

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Hi Andy & Lynda-Marie,

Our apologies for any inconvenience this caused you.

It was never intended to be possible to email draft POs (you cannot email the draft versions of any other documents in Clear Books either) and this was causing the email status indicator (which shows you whether an email has been sent or not) to be inaccurate.

As such, our Product Team saw this as fixing a bug, rather than changing functionality, which is why there was no advance notification.

If this is causing you workflow issues, I could perhaps raise an improvement to add another status for POs in addition to Draft and Completed so that they work more like quotes.

Please let me know if you feel this would be helpful.

All the best.


The problems with the change are actually greater than I realised when I emailed before.

In addition to the above you now have no way to see which POs we have received supplier bills for and created bills on the system. In the past you had the icon to show you. To us that's an even bigger problem.

After the changes the work flow currently is:

1) you now have to complete the PO, and save 2) then have to go the PO list and select the same PO 3) then mark it complete - a step that does not in itself have any real function 4) then select email and email it to the supplier.

Bearing in mind, you made the comparison with bills or invoices. With Bills & Invoices you have the option of 'Save Draft' or 'Save' on the form which you don't have with POs.

So, would a better approach perhaps be to:

1) Have 3 options on the PO form 'Save Draft', 'Save' and 'Save and Email' The logic being that what's the point of creating a PO if you're not going to email it 99% of the time.

2) Still have the complete and email options on the manage drop down for the odd occasion you dont complete the PO 1st time round and email it

3) When you later have selected 'create a bill' from manage drop down and saved a bill a new icon appears to show that you recorded a supplier's bill relating to that PO. It can replace the envelope icon as this now becomes redundant. A filter to select items where bills have been created could possibly be useful. For our particular purposes provided an icon is clearly visible that would be sufficient.

The fact that we now have no way on clearBooks of identifying the POs for which bills have been created from those which have not - is a problem and a backwards step I would have thought for the utility of your software

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your feedback. I will pass that along and hopefully it can be addressed.

The issue with the inability to see which PO's have had bills created sounds like it was not introduced in the recent bugfix, but would have existed before that. I will raise it as a bug and hopefully it can be addressed quickly.

All the best.

Richard, I had spotted thank you. It is of considerable help - both identifying any orders the suppliers have not billed and is quicker when creating a bill to click on than using the drop down so thanks.

Now if you could just add a 'Save (as in completed) ' and rename the current save to 'Save draft' on the PO form that would be a further advancement - and (pushing my luck further) a 'Save and email' button then the processing would be super duper :-)

thanks again.


Hate to say it but there is one more problem to do with POs and the 'create PO' icon. Namely that it does not take account of part orders.

First time through when you create a bill from a PO everything works as it should. However life is not always perfect and it is not uncommon for suppliers to only deliver a part order. When they then deliver a second part you click on the create bill icon and are then presented with the existing bill with the stuff already delivered and not the PO so you can edit it in order to make a bill with whatever was in the second delivery.

I can understand how someone who does not understand business thought they were being helpful with the dual use of this icon but its not. So if you want a 3rd icon when a bill is created to go to the bill then that is fine (though I dont think many people would want to start from the PO list to find a bill myself when you can instead go to the bills list)

It would be helpful if the icon could continue to have the same function throughout and always open the PO to edit. This way to handle real life supplier issues.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your feedback.

I will pass that along.

In the meantime, just so that you are aware, you can always create a bill from the Manage menu, regardless of the state of the status icon.

I hope that helps.

All the best.

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