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Historic 'used' credit notes showing as unpaid on the bank import

Problem reported by Kevin Doran 4 years ago

I'm noticing old credit notes that've already been allocated popping up as 'unpaid' on the bank import - are you aware of this?

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Just to expand on Kevin's point,

Regardless of whether it's open or already allocated against an invoice, when I'm explaining money received I should not be offered a sales credit note against which to offset the money. It does but, fortunately, you get an error message if trying to offset it.

If you are looking to explain a payment out and hit the refund tab you are still offered the credit note, even if already allocated against an invoice, AND it accepts the entry, but rather than pay off the credit note it seems to just credit trade debtors putting the account out of sync with the aged debts report. This is a defect you should not be offered an allocated credit note.

Hi Kevin and Paul,

This is currently with our Developers, who should have a fix for this soon. I'll let you know when they have released it.

Thank you for the information.

Hi Kevin and Paul,

I hope you have noticed that this issue has been resolved and no further problems with this have arisen.

When did it go live Aran? If it was before today then there's still an issue as i've seen loads of credit notes pop up today.

Hi Kevin,

Apologies, it has been clarified that the task created for this has been completed because it has been linked to another of the same, more technical issue. I will notify you when it has been completed. It seems to be a large task, considering how much time it is taking to resolve.

Unfortunately, I still don't have any news on this. I am waiting on an update from the developers.

Kevin and Paul,

A fix has been deployed. Please let me know if things are now working properly for you.

Hi Aran

On the plus side, paid or allocated credit notes now seem to have gone from the list of those available but, I'm still being offered unpaid credit notes and SRFs when I'm trying to explain an item of money in, which would never be the case, ie if you have an invoice for £100 and a credit note for £20 and the customer sent you £80 you wouldn't (can't) allocate -£20 against the credit note, leaving the £100 to allocate to the credit note, you'd allocate the credit note against the invoice and then allocate the £80 bank receipt against the unpaid balance of the invoice.

Turning to the refund tab, where you usually explain a payment against a credit note, it is really confusing to offer us a credit note against which to set the payment, if it would only pay some of it off and therefore not work. Richard explained the reason for this on Kevin's other post below but that doesn't explain why CB offers us the ability to do it, only to get a warning message: "Credit notes cannot currently be part paid, you must allocate the full amount"

Surely, whilst CB can't enable a part payment, it should exclude all larger valued credit notes from the available documents, or at least show a warning before we try and use it, something like: "we may have offered you a bunch of credit notes above the value of the sum you are trying to explain but pretend they are not there".


To expand on this, when explaining an ordinary refund, using the refund tab, it is now even more confusing to be offered not only unallocated credit notes but also unpaid invoices, it looks like I can pay off credit notes in full and then use the balance of the payment to reduce an invoice (or should that be increase it)?

Again, given the limitations CB puts on us, if I have a payment to explain and chose the refund tab, I should only be offered unallocated credit notes (SRFs)

Hi Paul,

I am informed that the first problem you mentioned was fixed today. Have you been having issues with it his afternoon?

Your suggestion for the alert is a good idea. I will add it to the request board.

The unallocated credit notes are part of the new functionality, which is explained here:


Thank you for the feedback, it is being discussed within the team.

Hi Aran

Sorry I may not have made my points clearly enough. I obviously know about the new features per the blog etc, my commebts are just feednack on the way it's been done.

Kevin's point and main defect was to present users with allocated credit notes on the bank explain screen, this seems to have been resolved now.

My point takes this further in that (using sales as the example) I should not be offered credit notes to allocate when explaining a money in transaction and should not be offered invoices to allocate when explaining refunds.

How about just removing the "Allocate to existing invoice" link next to them. Again, if you offer a link and people select it, thinking it's valid, it just looks daft to only then get a warning message you can't do it.

Thanks, Paul.

I have added to your comments on the request I created.

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