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New New invoice / Bill design

Problem reported by Andy Miller 3 years ago

I have a high res screen with fairly small print size and yet the new preview design runs off the bottom of the screen whilst the current design does not. I think it would be possible for you to give improved legibility space without taking up so much vertical space as to run off the bottom then before committing the bill / invoice you can review all the information without scrolling.

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Hi Andy - don't worry, this complaint was raised months ago, which is why the previous design was made available again.

I don't know anyone using the new design and would suggest you switch back for the time being whilst the guys redesign the redesign.

Hi Andy,

As Paul says, we received a lot of feedback on the new design similar to yours and the invoice screen will be redesigned in the future to take this into account.

In the meantime, if you want to take Paul's suggestion and switch back to the old design you can do this by clicking Preview at the top of your screen the clicking Stop Preview for the Design update to the invoice edit page feature.



I hope that helps.

All the best.

Paul / Richard

Thanks. Following the news email that went out I had thought this was a second attempt within preview. I am staying on the old system then until someone tells me there is something new and marvellous to see in the preview ;-)

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