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Problem reported by Stanley Nykamp 5 years ago

How do I keep the old invoicing format. The new one is NOT practical for my business so I have attached an example of what kind of info I require on my 'service' invoice. How am I able to address this?

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The description field is TOTALLY INADEQUATE!

Hi Stanley,

We have a new invoice creation screen currently in preview (Preview is an area you can toggle on and try new features being worked on - you can access preview at the top of your CB account). The description field is something the development team will be improving to allow you to fill in more info easily (I think it will be a lot smarter in the way that it expands and collapses)

Hi John

I think Stanley is talking about the Preview version, which has reduced the usability of the description box, compared to the old version. But, as John says Stanley, you can switch the new version off and return to the old one.

Are you saying that the devs are working on improving the new version before it becomes mandatory?


Many thanks John, that instills a bit more confidence in me and yes, I will remain with the old version until the variable sizing of the description box is up and running.

Ah I see

I think it is the only negative bit of feedback we have had on the new preview. It shouldn't be released with the description as it is, however, I'm not sure of the plans once the description box has been updated - i.e will it remain in preview for a bit longer or just be released with new expand options - I'm hoping the former but I will find out.

I just need to know that I will be able to see a large description field i.e. that I am able to narrate a full description of the work I do for my clients. I use this to quote before converting it to an invoice.

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