can not create a pdf to view

Problem reported by Kim Stevenson 4 years ago


For some reason when I click view pdf, it downloads automatically and does not open to view. Any chance this can be reversed back to how it was, otherwise ive lots of downloads.


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Hi Karen,

I am not seeing any problems like this within your account so perhaps you can tell me exactly which PDFs that you are trying to view so that I can take a look?

When looking at an invoice, there is an option to view pdf. A new tab used to open to view the pdf, but now this does not happen and downloads instead. This also happens when looking at a summery of invoices and clicking pdf on the right side.

Exactly the same thing happens in Quotes too.

It could be my computer im not sure.

thanks Kim

I am also having the same issue. I think the pdf generator used to make the pdf files is having problems.

Hi Both,

Yes, it seems that it must be something external to us as we are not having any issues here. My first instinct is to recommend that you check that your browsers are up to date and to try doing the same thing in a different browser to find out whether opening your PDFs works there. It seems that Chrome and Firefox work best.

Do let me know the result of this.

Great thanks. I am working with Firefox so will try, if not ill have our tech guy have a look at this for me.

Thanks you for your time.

Thanks Kim

No problem, Kim. I hope you get it sorted soon.

He is on it now. Safari opens a tab so it must be an application in Firefox.

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