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Same for my client. With Barclays every time they want to import they have to refresh Yodlee, get a fail, wait 5 mins and then refresh again for it to prompt for a PIN and then finally actually start the import process. Pretty annoying really.

Hi Simon

Yodlee are aware of the problem in the way their feed works, and we are working together to resolve it.

to be honest it would be nice to be able to store our credentials and have the system poll the bank automatically say once a month.

The 5 minute delay with Barclays is really annoying - allegedly Yodlee have known about and been trying to fix this for well over 12 months. With Barclays it would also be nice to be able to use mobile pin sentry as opposed to the card reader

I agree with Nigel, the system should be able to remember how often you want to poll your bank rather than manually having to request. This is how other systems work.

Is there any update on this, it seems like this has been going on for ever! I know this is not Clearbook system but it is far and away the biggest issue we have with an otherwise great system.

I agree with Patrick - its really frustrating

Hi guys,

I will chase this up with the Yodlee team and let you know as soon as I receive any feedback.

John did Yodlee get back to you ?

Yes sorry - the last correspondence we had with them was that this was fixed, however upon testing there were still issues. We have a Barclays account ourselves and experience the same problems.

One of our developers is in correspondence with their management team and is trying to pressure them to get this resolved as much as he possibly can.

As soon as there is some positive new from Yodlee and we have tested to make sure this works I will let you know.

hey ive updated twice today - and whilst it seemed really slow - it didnt do the old "come back in 5 mins" thing. Could it be fixed ????

Sadly it failed (in a new way) ....... "timed out for technical reasons" .......


Hi guys,

Yodlee have been back in touch about the back in 5 mins error - hopefully this should now be fixed, but please can you try this out and let me know if you still experience any issues?

Hi Guys,

This looked good at the end of last week when I tried it on Friday but today it has gone back to doing the same thing. Please report back the issue is not fixed!


Hi Guys,

Same again today, we are back to the old refresh twice game.

Thanks Patrick - we are back on Yodlees case.

I cant get it to work at all today :( 5 minutes pause or not

Hi Nigel, thank you for letting us know, we will make sure to address this with Yodlee and get the issue resolved.

Emma / John any news on this ?

Hi Nigel,

Yodlee should have refreshed on your account and be up to date as of yesterday. The 'come back in 5 minutes' issue is still ongoing though, Yodlee will update us as soon as they have another fix.

thanks John - I have been able to update (after the 5 minute wait) today

Yodlee had trouble updating your account because of technical difficulties their end. This error is usually resolved within a few days. Please check the Status Updates page to see if this is a known issue before attempting to contact support.

Nothing on Status updates page

Hi Guys,

My Yodlee stream has been down for about a month now and I seem to get no updates unless I chase for them. Can someone let me know if this is just me or everyone with Barclays because its driving me mad!

I keep getting

"We could not refresh your account because your banks website is experiencing technical difficulties."

This on-going problem is really frustrating

Anything from Yodlee or Clearbooks? There is still no warning about Barclays accounts of the Status page

still "We could not refresh your account because your banks website is experiencing technical difficulties."

This seems to just drag on and on - still not working and still no news - has this thread been dropped into a backburner somewhere ? I would really like to import my bank. This latest issue has now been with us for some time and its been over a month since John Fouracre got involved.

Please could someone take ownership of this problem and push Yodlee for some sort of resolution?

I believe we have been most patient

We also bank with Barclays and have the same problem but it's completely out of our hands.

If Barclays changes its banking interface Yodlee has to react and gets no advanced warning for this. We have to wait for Yodlee to make changes to get the feed working again. There is nothing we can do at Clear Books apart from reminding Yodlee that the feed is still not operational.

All cloud providers of bank feeds use Yodlee and have the same issue and until the banks standardise an open read only API we have no choice but to use the aggregator approach through Yodlee as it's the only solution on the table.

I think we all understand this Tim, what we are getting frustrated with is the lack of communication about the problem. There is a status page available on your Yodlee page and despite repeated calls from numerous people and the fact you bank with Barclay yourself we have had nothing on the page until today. Since you have got involved the status has miraculously updated to the top of the page with an apparent solution.

I have an open ticket on this problem in your helpdesk and haven't been updated on it for over 2 weeks now!

I have deleted my account as advised on the status page and tried re-creating it

I complete all the required fields and yet when i try to carry on it says "Loading" - the screen sticks like this for 20 mins - eventually I had to cancel

I have now done this two times - with the same result

Barclays is working again.

Patrick - yep we can do better. Currently updating the Status page is a manual process but we are looking into automating that now so as soon as several customers have a problem with the same feed we post a status message and auto contact Yodlee support.

Nigel - that's a new message box. The come back in 5 minutes message had been omitted but you can indeed close the box and your feed should update when you come back in 5 minutes.

Tim - it now gives all indications that its working - you actually get through to the part where it asks for your pinsentry code now and then takes you back to the main screen suggesting the import was successful. However nothing appears - I have waited 2 hours and no transactions have come through

Is it working for anyone ?

Hi Nigel - which browser do you use? I've just done a Barclays refresh in Google Chrome and all recent activity has been pulled in correctly.

Also Google Chrome

it just says

"The last import from your account with Barclays (Pin Sentry Users) (UK) - Bank was at 14:44."

Would someone mind confirming what fields they have in their account setup ? I currently have sort code in the format 20XXXX account number Surname Membership Number Card Number (my debit card number) I do not have anything for Passcode or Memorable word I cant remember these - so I phoned Barclays (3 times) who eventually told me they no longer use either of these fields for authentication (you can see that if you try and login at https://bank.barclays.co.uk/?)

for info you only need the first 3 pieces of information
sort code
account number

My problem was - because i had recreated the connection - I hadnt relinked the bank account to one of my accounts on clearbooks, It seems stupid now but maybe the process of how to setup Yodlee need to be a bit clearer Tim. Ive wasted a lot of my time on this issue and it has been a source of great frustration. Hopefully my pains can help someone else in the future - and hopefully I can now settle down and use Yodlee properly

Hi Tim,

This worked like a dream on Friday but has no gone back to not working with a different error.

No it goes through the sync process allows me to do 4 numbers followed by the 8 auth. Then says it has been submitted. It then takes me back to the main Yodlee page where is says it is waiting for update and all looks good. Then after 5 minutes it goes back to:

The last import from your account with Barclays (Pin Sentry Users) (UK) - Bank was on Friday 17:10.

I have tried this 3 or 4 times today always with the same result..

Telling me to come back in 5 minutes still without asking for the pinsentry details.

sigh - i thought Yodlee was fixed ...

now i get a message saying crypitically

"Yodlee reported there was an error with your account, error code=709"

Hi As per Patrick we are still having issues with Yodlee. It is now taking 24 hours to update. This is not good.

I got fed up with you guys just passing the buck and blaming Yodlee for this all the time, so I figured I would put your claims to the test - I've just signed up for a free trial with xero.com (Your big competitor that also uses Yodlee feeds) and entered my bank details and guess what?? YODLEE WORKED PERFECTLY FIRST TIME, INSTANTLY ON XERO. And it refreshes each time you ask it to, in a timely fashion too.

To my mind, this test proves that there is nothing wrong with Yodlee and their system is perfectly capable of sending feeds to cloud based accounting systems like yours. I think the problem might be your end after all...

So please, please can you stop blaming Yodlee and get on and fix your integration with that vital service before we all have to move over to Xero?

Hi Simon,

Really sorry to hear you are having issues with Yodlee. The integration our end hasn't changed and our development team are currently reporting no issues with it.

Yodlee is very temperamental and might work fine for a few weeks before failing. It's a service used by the majority of other accounting software providers too (as it's the only option out there), unfortunately it seems they have just as many problems as we do with it.

It's always best to send a ticket to help@clearbooks.co.uk as soon as you have any problems so that we can raise these with the Yodlee team immediately.

We're always happy to credit accounts where appropriate (for prolonged Yodlee issues) and we do offer our own bank import tool as an alternative - just send us a ticket and we will look into your case.


Having just had a look at your account, the latest imported statement for Yodlee from Santander is right up to date (18th Feb). I have a feeling this may have fed through around the same sort of time that you tried this on Xero.

If you are still having any problems just let me know.

It has never worked for me in the refreshes I've done. That seems more than "temperamental". It isn't working right now for example as I've just tried one.

Hi Bruno - it looks as though you are using the old Barclays feed - can you please try deleting this and searching for either Barclays (Pin Sentry Users) (UK) - Bank or Barclays (non Pin Sentry Users) (UK) - Bank depending on whether you use a card reader or not.

Hi John,

Yes, I know how to open a ticket and you should know that I've had one open for the whole of 2014 so far without any kind of resolution to the problem - hence my post here and my test with Xero.

I still don't think you are quite grasping the problem here - looking at my account and seeing that there is an up to date import from Yodlee DOES NOT mean it's working. That means something like this has happened:

1pm - I log in to clear books and attempt a Yodlee refresh. It appears to work and says that it has refreshed and I should come back in 5 minutes.

1.05pm - Checking back, it appears to have failed as the 5 minute warning has gone and there is a message saying my last import was last week. Knowing that its a bit shaky, I decide to be patient and give it a little while longer.

1.30 pm - I check back again and there is no change to the message and nothing has imported. It should obviously not ever take more than 30 minutes so at this point I consider it has failed. I'm busy and have work that needs to be done so I download transactions from my bank and spend time importing them manually.

2 pm - I'm all done and sign out of Clearbooks.

2 pm - 4 pm - at some point in the background apparently unknown to anyone and without any kind of warning or update on the system, the Yodlee feed decides to import a load of data on it's own, several hours after the initial (apparently failed) refresh request was sent.

4pm - 4.30pm - I log back in to Clearbooks to check something else and spot that Yodlee has imported a load of data. This is now duplicate information and I have to spend ages sitting there clicking the red cross to delete each transaction one by one as there is no bulk management option. (Once in January I had to do this for over 400 transactions! That is a RSI-inducing number of clicks!)

5pm - You log in to the system, see this post and then look at my account. You can see that Yodlee has imported recently and that all bank transactions are up to date, so you brush this problem off and think that everything is working well.

So the upshot of the above is a broken system, loads of wasted time for your users, complaints like this in your forum - and you seeing everything as ok!!! BUT ITS NOT.

If Yodlee doesn't update within 30 minutes or at least give you some kind of indication that it is working in the background and might take longer that this then IT IS BROKEN. All it does at the moment is import duplicate entries and waste everybody's time.

I hope that helps to explain to you what is happening here. Please do not see a Yodlee import on the system at your end as meaning that everything is up to date and working. It actually can mean quite the opposite.

Hi Simon,

Yes I totally understand, I can't say with any confidence that Yodlee is working perfectly at all. We have a continuous battle with Yodlee to get all feeds working, and I expect they have a continuous battle with the banks to get things working for them too.

Just a quick note on the duplicates - when you click on the imported statement, hit the narrow results link. You can then enter a date range - everything outside of this date range will be deleted, so it's a good way to delete unexplained items in bulk.

Sorry if I gave you the impression that everything is ok - far from it! We will keep chasing up with Yodlee to improve the import speed as well as fix any bank feeds as soon as possible when they go down.

Well, someone here with a Barclays account wishes they'd not chosen Barclays or clicked on a Yodlee add-on...

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry for any difficulties you have been experiencing with the Yodlee service. I do believe that some changes have recently been made to the way the system works with Barclay's and it seems to be working much better now.

Please do let me, or any of my colleagues know if you have any further difficulties.

All the best,


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