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PayPal import

Problem reported by Joseph Keppeln 1 year ago

Most of the PayPal web page links are coming back with a 404 error. Can we import Paypal movements as PayPal bank and does this work if we have two-factor access to the account? We have tried to use the Yodlee Paypal bank feed but this does not work correctly.

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Many thanks for the quick response and correct working link will try it now.

That is great news!

Unfortunately, this would not work in the same manner.

It may be possible to organise an API connection from your ClearBooks account directly with FireFinancil but this will require some technical know-how as we do not provide this service just the tools to facilitate the integration with 3rd party platforms. I have a provided a link to our API resources - https://www.clearbooks.co.uk/support/api

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