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Problem reported by Julie McNeil 4 years ago

I have set the default credit terms for some of our suppliers to "End of month" rather than 30 days. This now gives me a date literally for end of month for the bill date rather than 30 days + End of month.

I'm having to manually set the date forward a month each time - which defeats the purpose of having the setting in the first place

Is this a bug?

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Hi Julie,

Adding the default, 'Last day of month' literally means that the date will default to the last day of the (current) month.

If you would like the Due date to be on a specific day, you should enter it directly into the bill. Otherwise, you can use the 'Days after invoice date' setting to default the due date to a specific number of days after the creation of the bill.

So this setting is no use - none of our suppliers have a due date end of the current month! It is either 30 days exactly or 30 days + End of Month.

I'd hoped this would avoid adjusting the dates manually and having to remember which suppliers use which terms. Disappointed :(

I am sorry you feel that way. Hopefully it is still of use to other customers!

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