Importing Credit Card statements records incorrect Debit/Credit

Problem reported by Andy Gambles 3 years ago

Using Lloyds bank export credit card statement as QIF and import into Clearbooks. All the outgoing transactions on the card are recorded as credits in clearbooks and all the payments as debits.

Is there a way to switch this around?

I don't know if this is due to the Lloyds QIF file or clearbooks.

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Hi Andy,

Would it be possible to send the QIF file to contact support so that our technical team can investigate? The mapping on QIF files are fixed so I don't think there would be a way of changing it in the Clear Books UI.

I’ve looked at a few qif files for credit cards.

They all have spend as positive figure and payments as negative figure. So there should probably be a way for clearbooks to identify it is a credit card account (which it is set as) and treat the values accordingly.

Hi Andy - yes I'm sure this will be possible, if you send through an example file I will raise it with our technical team.

As an alternative, are you able to export as CSV easily from Lloyds? You would be able to map the columns of the statement file manually on the first import, this mapping would then be saved for future imports.

Hi John,

I have the same problem. Can someone please advise how to swap these around? I am exporting the data as CSV and I need it to be in the same format as bank statements but it is recognising the credit card transactions as credits and payments as debits.

thanks Claire

Hi Claire,

Would it be possible to send in the statement to us at contact support so I can take a look?


Hi Claire,

Got it, I've just responded to your email, thanks!


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