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Reconciling multiple items

Problem reported by Steve Bennett 6 months ago

Forgive me if this is answered elsewhere, but I couldn't see it.

I'm trying to reconcile bank statements, but can't figure out what to do if one payment represents several invoices.

Going through the items in the Bank Statements menu, I would have assumed going into the 'multiple items' tab to link one bank statement entry to several invoices, but can't figure out how to do it.

Any hints?


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Hi Steve,

Have you already allocated payments to the two invoices already?

If so this is a limitation with our bank explain screen - it will only allow you to reconcile one payment on an imported statement to invoices that only have one payment allocated to them.

There are two options -

1 You could just delete the line from the imported statement and manually reconcile in the bank account:



2 The second option is to void the payment from the two invoices, click on one of the invoice numbers and hit the void button - when prompted delete just the payment. Once complete you can allocate the payment on the imported statement to the two invoices.

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