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Yodlee, when it works it's beatiful.

Problem reported by Perry Ismangil 7 years ago

When it's not it's back to fiddling with downloading and uploading files. Sigh.

Yes, I know the status: "Yodlee is aware of the problem..."

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I totally agree about Yodlee - it is wonderful when it works.

Interestingly I was at Accountex a couple of weeks ago and went to the Xero stand. They use Yodlee too and said that because of their size they had more sway with Yodlee and so had fewer problems. I signed up for a free account to try it out and Yodlee is just as unreliable with them. Personally I prefer Clear Books' honesty in saying there isn't much they can do, even if I wish there was. perhaps there is a market for a new UK based provider to do what Yodlee does well in the US but poorly in the UK.

Hi guys,

Until the banks standardise a readable API format then Yodlee is the only option on the table for automating the import of bank data. I totally agree that when it works it is brilliant and when it doesn't it's frustrating. It's frustrating for us too. But we take the view that it is better to provide the service as is rather than remove it completely.

Chris - as you've found out for yourself it's absolute nonsense what that competitor has said. All Yodlee's customers (i.e. Clear Books and our competitors) use and have access to the same API and have the same problems when feeds break. Whether we report a broken feed or a competitor does, we are all affected the same until Yodlee fix the issue at which point everyone gets the benefit of the fix.

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