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Hello Greg,

Apologies for this problem caused by Yodlee. It is a third party service but we do try to contact them with problems.

Please can you send a support ticket with which account is effected to help@clearbooks.co.uk and I will pass it onto Yodlee for further investigation.



Having the same issues. Submitted a support ticket. Had a response and replied to it and now not heard a thing. Very disappointed!!!

Having similar issues - updates very rarely actually work.

Frustrating that its taking so long to fix - understand its a 3rd party service but its quite a critical component to the ClearBooks system!

Hello Leigh and Phil,

Apologies for this. Please can you submit a ticket to Support and we will look at the specific errors you are receiving.

There has been a few issues with HSBC and Barclays in particular as of late and we contacting Yodlee to figure out the problems that are they experiencing which is created issues for Clearbooks users.


Hi Vanish, Already submitted a ticket to Jasmine but as I said I have not heard anything back?

Yodlee and HSBC feeds have been terrible of late. Finally managed a download yesterday, but it was 160 items from last August - Yikes!
Vanish is doing his best by passing on the errors to Yodlee - but really should this keep being an issue.? I think a rebate would be in order.
Does anyone know of a similar service that Clearbooks could use?

Hello Alan,

I appreciate you and the other customers' patience. There is no other automated payment system like this in the world. They kind of have a monopoly on this. As a start up, it will also be too complicated to create our own version for Clearbooks.

Thank you for your patience.


Had a proper update today - so hopefully all is working again.

Still not right with us. We're with Yorkshire bank and it took us about 9 updates last night in order to finally get it to update. Just checked today but still not working as it did before Xmas.

Appeared to work yesterday, but no statement that needs explaining...

Try sending an email to Jason O'Shaughnessy , he's on the front line of it all.

What's his email and I will see if he can help? :-)

When it used to work, Yodlee would update after 5 minutes. I just tried updating 45 mins ago, and it hasn't updated yet. I get the feeling that when it does, it is an overnight job.

Yep same here. Tried to update about 6 times tonight. It seems to connect okay and then nothing happens.

Updated today - after a wait of about three hours.

Any updates from Yodlee to explain our problems?

Yep - same problems here... I've "Refreshed" 5 times today and nothing has come through - Clearbooks changes to "Please come back in 5 minutes" and then switches back to "Last Refresh 23rd Jan"...

If I remember rightly, it was flakey on 23rd... Not best chuffed.

We are still paying for this ! What is going on Clearbooks?

I'd certainly like to know. Still think it's funny that is says on the status page "There are currently no system-wide issues with Yodlee" ... Me thinks you need to take out the "currently no"!


Ian, it says your feed is showing incorrect login information. Please can you try to edit the details and try after you have made an edit.

I have checked Alan's and Leigh's accounts and the system shows you have gotten the information and the imports are explained until 29th January.

Let me know if there is further issues,


Hi Vanish, I have done 7/8 updates today to try and get information from yodlee. Still trying at the moment. By the way on the bottom of the refresh page there is a strange '?>'. Might be a coding error? L

Hi Vanish - thanks for taking a look. I think the Incorrect login information relates to the Barclays account I have...? That's an account I no longer have, so would expect it to say this. It's the other bank account that's the problem. The status is now showing that the last refresh was at 15:02 - but Clearbooks isn't showing me anything has imported - but there definitely should be!

Any help very much appreciated.

The account is not updating within the few minutes as it used to. Please just ask Yodlee if we now have to wait more than a day to get the updates. This might be 'normal' now for this system. I don't know. If the answer is 'no', we should get quicker updates then something needs to be done.

Same problem happening here with us, only works now and again, really frustrating, what's going on Clearbooks?

I've not had an update since Sunday, been refreshing 3-4 times a day so far this week. I'm with Santander if thats any help.

A successful Yodlee Refresh is that elusive nirvana... when it works you feel epic! When it doesn't then you think, well, maybe logging in Internet Banking and downloading QIF files and importing it manually, like the olden days is good enough...


What I'm finding now is that it updates overnight. Still not great compared to the 5 mins of before, but better than nothing.

Then we should have a notification system instead, send an email when it is successful. I don't actually mind how long it takes, just tidy up the messages, and add a notification system.

Yeah I have found it updates overnight. I usually do a refresh and then close down at the end of the day and come the next morning it has usually refreshed. A notification system would be good although if yodlee was working as normal we would not need that.

Clearbooks, what has Yodlee said about the situation?? Surely they must have some insight as to why it is like this?

I have raised a ticket as ours has not been updating for the last few days. I am trying several times a day. It says to come back in 5 minutes but when you do go back it says it was last updated on Sunday night!

So yeah, this morning found out the couple of tries of refresh yesterday actually successful!

Confusingly, the status says there's an error.

It's these that needs fixing, the progress etc.


I just wanted to update you on what we are getting from Yodlee.

Barclays seems to be having issues and is an internal error from Yodlee's side. I will be checking back with them to get further information and will aim to update you all on here.

Lloyds TSB is having issues but they should be resolved now, as should Santander. Both of these feeds having been going through internal changes. Santander took in Alliance and Leicester so they had internal issues, while Lloyds TSB is now 2 entities. Your login information has remained the same but internally, these banks have shifted things around hence why we have had a lot of queries on these 2 banks in particular.

I have looked at all your accounts and looked at the Import history pages and you all seem to have a recent import.

The only user still having issues is Ian Atkers. Ian, please could you check the edit login information for the Santander feed, they may have made some changes as I mentioned above.

I need to get the development team to change the 5 minutes to something more appropriate to stop Yodlee users from being let down when it doesn't come back.

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for the update. Ours updated overnight like someone else mentioned previously.

Mine is working quickly again ! (HSBC BUSINESS)

I seem to be working again! Thank you.


Great to hear that things are looking better. Please can you let me know if anyone is still having issues with their Yodlee feed.



Hi Vanish

We are still having intermittent issues with our Santander Yodlee feed.

When trying to refresh, Yodlee occasionally requests security information, but always falls over with this error
'Error 517 - Yodlee are currently experiencing problems importing from this bank. Please check the status updates page to see if this problem is already listed before contacting support.'

Occasionally Yodlee updates without asking for security information, but this can be days or weeks apart.

Yodlee is not fit for purpose in recent weeks.

Scott Goddard
Abri Ltd

All things seem to be back to normal here too. Yorkshire bank.

Hello Scott,

You feed seems to be working fine now as I have just checked the feed and it has no errors on it. We did experience problems with Santander so the problem may have arisen to your account as they progressed internally.

Let me know if there are any other problems and I will aim to check your account once again for anyone on this thread.


Think I may have spoken too soon as been trying for the past couple of days now and cannot update anymore :-(

My feed for Santander hasn't worked since before Christmas.

Occasionally it grabs some random data overnight sometimes (hours and hours after we have refreshed) but this is all then just duplicate data as we've had to manually import entries by then anyway.

So at the moment Yodlee is a hassle and actually causes extra work, which isn't really the idea of it.

Please can we get this fixed? When it worked last year it was by far the best feature of your entire system.

I got fed up with you guys just passing the buck and blaming Yodlee for this all the time, so I figured I would put your claims to the test - I've just signed up for a free trial with xero.com (Your big competitor that also uses Yodlee feeds) and entered my bank details and guess what?? YODLEE WORKED PERFECTLY FIRST TIME, INSTANTLY ON XERO. And it refreshes each time you ask it to, in a timely fashion too.

To my mind, this test proves that there is nothing wrong with Yodlee and their system is perfectly capable of sending feeds to cloud based accounting systems like yours. I think the problem might be your end after all...

So please, please can you stop blaming Yodlee and get on and fix your integration with that vital service before we all have to move over to Xero?

Perhaps Xero is on premium service with Yodlee :)

What I am experiencing now: Yodlee for HSBC refreshes after 24 hours, as long as you ignore Clearbooks messages!

Here's the summary:

  1. User Action: Refresh button, enter token details

  2. System Response: HSBC Business Bank (UK) is being refreshed, please come back in 5 minutes.

  3. User Action: Wait more than 5 minutes.
  4. User Action: Go to Yodlee page on Clearbooks.
  5. System Response: Your request has timed out due to technical reasons. Please try again by clicking the refresh button.
  6. User Action: Wait until next day, go to Yodlee page
  7. System Response: The last import from your account with HSBC Business Bank (UK) was at 11:15
  8. Conclusion: Refresh was successful, however Clearbooks notifying that it has timed out (see step 5 above).

    So Clearbooks, please fix the confusing message saying that it has timed out, while in fact it is still being refreshed.

Today I had a HSBC Business account update within 10 minutes - - hope it continues.

Yes, the confusing (and sometimes just plain wrong) messages from ClearBooks make this situation much worse. I am often told that my refresh has failed or that there is a problem of some kind, only to find the data has imported fine an hour or so later.

Ah, yes, I just tried it - it works. Must be a good day today!

Hello guys,

I can see that all your feeds are updating correctly.

Please can you give me your advice. You may change the face of Yodlee.

Would you like to see this on the Yodlee pages when it is successfully refreshed.

"Your Yodlee refresh was successful. Please check back later for updated transactions in Money > Bank Accounts"



Yes, that would be good. Don't tell us refresh failed or timed out when it didn't.

I'd prefer it to keep the 5 minute message and actually mean it! 'Later' is very vague.

It never used to take more than 5 mins, so how about you just work on fixing that? Rather than just changing the message.

If you really do want to fiddle with the messages that it gives, here's a useful suggestion:

When it just says 'your last import was at 10:17' - that is really not very clear. What Date? 10:17 this morning? 10:17 yesterday morning? 10:17 last Tuesday? 10:17 on a random Monday morning 2 years ago? Etc...etc....

Could we get the date added to the last import' message please? Would be most helpful.

Hello Simon,

I will try to see if that can be done with a specific time. The developer will need to see where to extract the line from and then make the relevant changes.

Usually when it says that your import was at that time, it refers to that day. If it goes to the next day it says "last import yesterday at 10.07am".

I will try and see how it can be changed a bit to make it more clear.



Hi Vanish

Back to the dreaded 517 error again when trying to enter my security answers.

Yodlee requested passwords and returned 517 errors on four subsequent attempts, it then updated without requesting any security information???

Error 517 - Yodlee are currently experiencing problems importing from this bank. Please check the status updates page to see if this problem is already listed before contacting support.

Yodlee is the part of clearbooks that causes me the greatest frustration

And it's broken again today. Never refreshes - never gives me a failure message. Just nothing imported at all.


I ask again - how come it works within 60 seconds EVERY TIME you refresh it on Xero? No failures, no errors, no telling you its working and to come back in 5 minutes when its not actually going to do anything. Why is your integration with this (critical!) service so much worse than theirs?

Back to being useless again - just when I thought it was going well again!

Here's my current workflow for Yodlee:

  1. Refresh
  2. Get the message "come back in 5 minutes"
  3. Check back. If it says error or whatever, I ignore it, and check back the next day.

    That's it. I have concluded that trying to refresh more than once a day (whatever the message) is wasteful effort really.

    Other than that I suppose moving to Xero would be the nuclear option...

I have just contacted the UK Director of Yodlee to clarify that all providers use the same feeds and therefore have the same service, to get some advice on how to best use the Yodlee service in terms of when to refresh etc, and lastly to understand why it can be unreliable and what Yodlee are doing to address that. I will revert to you all when I get a response.

Thanks for the escalation Tim, much appreciated!

Thanks Tim - that's the way to do it!
ps. not connecting at all to Yodlee today.

Hi, is there any way to unsubscribe from email updates to this thread?

Update from Yodlee - "You have access to the same platform and sites as the rest of our customers. With this in mind, I am surprised you are seeing so many issues. I will have the team look into your issues and one of these will come back to you shortly."

Seemed to be working ok-ish for a couple of days there, but has now completely stopped working again. So frustrating,

Same here, seriously considering moving to a different company

Yes, gone back to sluggish mode again!

Tried updating my account on Friday - now Monday morning and still no refresh.

Tim - can we get an update here please? Looks like it has stopped importing at all now and there are several users here reporting the same problem.

I'll repeat again that I've never yet seen Xero fail to import once, and it never takes more than 2 minutes or so. Therefore, if you are saying that Yodlee give you exactly the same access as Xero have, isn't it about time that you at least consider the possibility that the problem might be something to do with your end of the connection? Rather than just passing the buck to Yodlee all the time?

There must be some reason why theirs works reliably and quickly and yours always either fails completely or takes 24-48 hours!

Perhaps you could use some of the £839,913 we all gave you to invest in some development time to fix this problem?

I did an update yesterday for my Barclays account and everything went though perfectly, having had my previous 2 imports also work perfectly I assumed this was now fixed.

However after seeing Simons message I thought I would check and despite making all the right noises .. nothing has imported.

Tim it might be time for a root and branch investigation why this system is so unreliable.

In that case, as has been proven that Xero can refresh Yodlee better, troubleshooting/debugging dictates there is something at Clearbooks end.

Perhaps even a network/firewall configuration - HTTP requests/API requests not resolving, and so on. Once that has been eliminated, then perhaps the Yodlee API usage code can be examined, logged, profiled to see where the breakage is.

I have just done another trial Yodlee import - this time it went through all the screens in the fastest ive even known - however - thus far the import hasn't shown up.

I also requested an import of my paypal account which also hasnt turned up

As paypal does not use Yodlee - i would suggest this is another finger pointing at Clearbooks software

typical - just after posting the Barclays import appeared

im hoping this means something is fixed as it was the fastest import I ever managed

For what it's worth, this morning HSBC import went smoothly in seconds.

Not jinxing or anything :)

Still broken for me I'm afraid. Got one import through in the end yesterday afternoon (after 20-odd failed attempts) but this morning I'm back to nothing at all.

Would be nice to get some kind of response from ClearBooks here......

We had the problem a few months ago when this thread started but luckily it has been working fine ever since and quickly. We import from Natwest.

Still not working. I will be giving it to the end of the week for it to be sorted out, if its not I will be moving to a different company!

Also, for the last two weeks the page crashes when I go to submit anything for examples after entering an invoice when I click save it comes up webpage not available - when I refresh or go back all the data is gone. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Have now been unable to get a import for over 1 week. I'm now getting a error message saying there is a problem with my banks website, so I logged on to my bank which worked fine and also called to see if there was any problems, guess what it was all working fine.
Really disappointed with this service, and still no recent feedback from clearbooks either on this thread or from my multiple support tickets. Looks like I'll be going elsewhere for my accounting!

I'm getting the same message now that there is a problem with our banks website. (Yorkshire Bank) Nothing appeared on the status page about this. Had this message for a couple of days now. Still no update from CB which I think is very unprofessional!

Having a good run, every day every refresh goes through flawlessly on HSBC.

It states: The last import from your account with HSBC Business Bank (UK) was at 14:37.
But I know there are missing credits to my account because I checked with my bank's web site. I thought this system was kept upto date.

Just wanted to say that Yodlee has worked flawlessly for me for the past 2 months - dont want to tempt fate - but given all the negative comments in this thread I thought i would compliment when it works

I would like to add that there has been an improvement, but it is far from 'working' for me.

It seems to forget the answers to my secret questions, as it works for a few days and then tells me it can't work because my secret info is wrong, although no changes have be made in that time. Then I have to put the secret info in again, 5 or 6 times (waiting 5 minutes between each attempt) before it will accept the information as correct - even though I'm copy/pasting exactly the same answers each time.

Then it will finally accept them, but it won't actually refresh my bank feed. That seems to happen the next day and then it works for a couple of days, before we go back round to the start of this process and it asks for my secret info again!!

Very frustrating. Especially so given that for the 2 day period when it does work it is awesome and such a time saver. But to keep losing that functionality all the time is a nightmare.

When I log in to look at the bank details I never know if it is going to take 5 minutes or 24 hours, which is very annoying and hard to work around.

Be careful with Yodlee, they are missing transactions. Surely when you click update it will download ALL transaction from the previous update...

Well our accountant has just pointed out loads of missing transactions.

I would recommend people stop using this terrible service immediately and start doing manual imports

We are as concerned as our users about the repeating Yodlee issues. I feel that an elaborate explanation is appropriate, explaining why the service is unreliable and perhaps more importantly - why Yodlee will always be unreliable (if it won't - we won't need it). I will seal with our own strategic dilemma at ClearBooks and why we are between a rock and a hard place.

The ubiquitous way for online systems to communicate between them is using an API (application programming interface) - a standard protocol allowing them to do so. ClearBooks offers an API so other systems (eg, ChannelGrabber) can interface with it; ClearBooks connects to other systems using their API - most notably and importantly for this topic: PayPal.

Correct at 1st Jan 2014 (and I believe until this very day), not a single bank in the UK offers an API allowing online systems like ClearBooks (or Yodlee) to retrieve bank records from their clients or businesses accounts. There are two main reasons for this:

First, banks are big cooperates with complex structures, nearly all had the bulk of their history well before online systems existed (in stark contrast to ClearBooks or PayPal). Like many other big companies whose principle operation is not internet-based, most of their online technology is the outcome of outsourcing and agency staff - they have limited internal expertise and vision when it comes to online technology; the people in charge are often managing executives. They care a great deal for their customers (and pay fortune to get their online systems tick), but they have little interest in companies like ClearBooks - we are only a bridge to a small and specialised section of their customers. (would anyone pick a bank because it offers API and seamless integration with online systems? Would any of you leave bank X for bank Y, because bank Y has seamless integration with ClearBooks?)

The second reason is that Banks are a bit of security-mad; the very notion of anyone but a human-being, who is the account holder accessing bank records seems to them like a madness of a sort. Needless to say that if PayPal offers an API (allowing a secure, limited and read-only access), this can't be such an issue as banks make of it. Ironically, the very fact banks do not offer an API, means their security is, in practice, compromised (although only a little, for the reasons described below).

Had any bank offered an API, ClearBooks would interface with that bank directly, cutting the middle man - Yodlee. But no bank does, and that's where Yodlee comes into play.

Since like ClearBooks Yodlee can't use an API, they employ a different strategy called Scraping. Being slightly more advance than the crawlers Google use to feed their search engine, a Scraper is a piece of software that simulates the actions of a real person using a web site - so essentially, the scraper pretends to be a human, doing what humans do. In simple terms, you program it like so: go to Natwest.com; Click the login button; in field X enter the customer number; in the next page read the first letter to the left of the first field; if it says '4th' type the 4th digit of the password... and so on. Scrapers are not intelligent, they only do what a human programs them to. So for scrapers to work, the site they visit needs to be identical each and every time they visit it. It is enough for an online chat message to suddenly pop up, or for the bank to add another step in the login sequence requiring the user to confirm they read a message, and the scraper can no longer execute the next action, and so it terminates. To combat this, each scraper logs (for a short period) each page it visits, so if it terminates, a human can look at the last page in the page log, see what has changed and program the scraper to respond to such change in the future (shall it happen again). Problem is, they have no way to test the new program unless the bank site behaves exactly the same way it did last time the scraper visited it (which is only sometimes the case). In practice, pretty much any change on an online banking site breaks the scraper and requires re-programming that often cannot be tested. I can only guess that Yodlee gets thousands of scraper terminations each hour, so no human looks into the issues without a support request. When the scraper terminates, Yodlee fails, and you guys see this in ClearBooks as a failed import.

I don't know about you guys, but my online NatWest business account is inaccessible about 3 out of 4 times I try it (but I'm a night owl). When I do manage to login, boy oh boy... their system makes BT phone boxes look modern. You first have to request a statement, then wait an unknown period of time before it shows in some link on the side, it's the most unusable thing ever. It's hard enough for a human to use the site, I pity the scraper. Many other banking systems have their occasional glitches and downtimes - all stop the scraper from working.

So any change or a glitch on the bank site means Yodlee doesn't work. ClearBooks integration with Yodlee was hardly ever the source of the real problem (we did, should and would improve where we can, like providing better feedback when possible, but if Yodlee fails its bit, there's nothing we can do about it). Nor is Yodlee to blame - they took upon themselves an ambitious and brave challenge, and they really do all they can, often as quick as they can, to get things fixed. Nor the banks are to blame - the last thing on their mind is to make their sites scraper-friendly, and if anything, they would surely prefer offering an API than having machines pretending to be humans on their sites (which is less secure than an API solution since a scraper can in theory perform much more than read actions; and since a 3rd party company holds the credentials to your online banking account, which an API wouldn't; yet it has to be emphasised that Yodlee is highly secure).

As far as ClearBooks goes, it is sometimes better not to offer users something, than offer something that annoys them. As a user experience expert, Yodlee would be thrown out of the window long ago unless: A) Doing so would mean that we take away a feature that does work sometimes, and people do find useful despite the glitches. B) Similar companies in the market would offer it (they all get from Yodlee what we do, and when Yodlee fails, it fails for them the same as for us).

We are also comfortable with scrapers, as we use them internally to gather data on our own system (like find what pages has a particular component, etc. - quicker than asking a human to search through all the pages the ClearBooks app has). But us trying to replace Yodlee in attempt to scrap online banking sites would only mean we would have to deal with exactly the same problems as them, being less experienced; that's pretty much what Yodlee does - writes and fixes scrapers; our developers can deliver better value to our customers doing other things. Although cutting the middleman may mean faster fix times, the problems will always be there.

So I hope that explains it. While we actively investigate if there is anything we can do better, neither us nor Yodlee can make this work seamlessly. If anyone can propose a way to make things better - please please do so. The only thing I can think of that may solve this issue once and for all is if the accounting community in the UK together with ClearBooks and similar companies sign a petition and send it to the banks, asking for an API.

You've skimmed over a fundamental point there I'm afraid - this works perfectly every single time (and very quickly) on Xero. I said it before and I'll say it again, it is only Clearbooks implementation/integration with Yodlee that is broken in my experience.

Hi Simon,

Your case is of particular interest to us. First, from an implementation perspective, to get things working with Yodlee we make very few standard calls to their servers - although we are checking this, is seems to us so far that prior to success/failure response from Yodlee, there is nothing we, or other company can do differently.

Then, Xero advertise a bank feed 'partnership' with HSBC that seems to be unique (we can only speculate that an API is involved here, but HSBC doesn't advertise such option publicly) - if your imports are from HSBC, that will explain why Xero bank feeds are less prone to failure. We are looking into this as well.

If your imports are not from HSBC, I would contact you privately to investigate further as a concrete evidence that indeed our integration is somewhat different than that of other companies would be pivotal. We can pass on such evidence to Yodlee and work together with them to improve.

??????!!!! Surely, surely, surely you must have your own Xero account to test and play with???

I'd have thought you'd want to keep an eye on how the biggest player in your market is doing things for a start, but also to test this feature that so many of your customers are complaining about and are telling you that is working elsewhere?

Are you saying your really not looking at any other systems to see what does and doesn't work?


No. I wasn't saying anything of that sort.

We can only run tests with our own accounts. If we see a problem, we fix it.

We cannot simulate each and every user scenario - there are thousands of them.

Failure and success are often account specific - our accounts are different to yours, which are different to that of any other user.

If our internal tests do no pin point an issue, we can only progress on a case by case (individual) basis.

I maintain that we do ALL we can to resolve these issues.

I always double check the final balance in Clearbooks matches the bank statement. So far no transactions missed.

I don't mind unreliable - I can live with that.

However the current behaviour is we don't even know when it fails or succeeds:

  1. I do a refresh - it says wait.
  2. After a period, the Yodlee page will go back to earlier status - last successful refresh - not the whether it is being refreshed or there is a failure in refreshing.
  3. And then after an indeterminate amount of time (but seems like overnight) it ends successful anyway,

    It is behaviour in point 2 that is infuriating. You don't know whether to try again or not.

    Can you please at least investigate that?

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that there maybe some issues with Santander (UK) - Business Banking upcoming.

The reason is because the Santander landing page has been changed and this may cause some issues.

Perry, we are looking into these with issues with the Yodlee status changing when it is in the process of going from on stage to the next.

Simon, I may try and look into creating an account on Xero and testing this and get back to you. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.



You guys at clearbooks charge £5 per month for something which has NEVER worked for me in the past year. Pathetic considering you have also increased my monthly charge x3 and I'm getting nothing else extra for that, even though you sold it as providing yodlee, staff room etc I have no use for these so seems to be a money grab!

Hi James,

Yodlee is no longer available as an add-on and is only available as a part of the Together+ plan.

In regards to our subscription update, we were looking to consolidate our plans to allow us to provide a consistent level of service to everyone. As you may know, prior to this we have had two other subscription platforms. After our original set of subscriptions, we updated them without backdating to our existing customers.

This time around, we really wanted to be able to give the best level of service to all of our customers which is how our current pricing structure came about. Both telephone support and Yodlee were features that were highly requested, but came at a premium. Previously telephone support was £240+VAT per annum, capped at 6 hours. As a result, we incorporated these features into the base subscriptions, while attempting to keep costs as low as possible. Our additional apps (Payroll, HR and document management storage) are included for free allowing customers to try other apps without incurring any further costs.

If you’d like to discuss the changes further, feel free to email me directly at aaran@clearbooks.co.uk.

Kind regards,


hi Aaran

Thanks for your response.

My price was increased from £10 to £20 and I receive nothing extra for this. Actually I was paying £5 per month for yodlee and £5 for clearbooks until I was forced to change to the together plan for £20 per month.

I've no use for the other services so how you think this is fair I don't know. Surely selecting the services I actually need and only paying for them would be better. I'm not using Yodlee so could really save £5 per month!

Your not providing a consistent or decent level of service where Yodlee is concerned and ClearBooks are 100% responsible for this, if they take payment for providing the service my contract is with them so ultimately CB are responsible.

Xero provide just as much if not more functionality for the same price as clearbooks now and it generally seems to be a much nicer system to use.

Thanks James

Hi James,

If you email me a contact number that I can catch you on, and an ideal time to call, I will happily talk you through the subscription update.

My email is aaran@clearbooks.co.uk.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


sigh We're back to the bad old days with Yodlee by the look of it!!!

For a while there I could get it working after about the 20th refresh attempt, if I clicked 'cancel' when prompted for my security details. But that doesn't work any more.

Now it just continually asks for the security details, but never accepts them!!!! (The answers to my security questions are pasted in and have worked in the past and still work directly on my bank website, so are blatantly correct. It is only when entering them via ClearBooks that I'm told they are wrong).

Pleeeeeeeeease can we fix this once and for all? This is (potentially) the most useful and time-saving bit of your entire system, so it is massively frustrating that it actually wastes my time instead of saving it.

P.s. - please don't try and blame this on any recently announced changes to the Santander login. The URLs used to log in are still the same at the moment.

Hello Simon,

We are actively looking into the overall issues with Yodlee with a senior Yodlee representative.

We are hoping to get this sorted soon.

Sorry again.


"Would any of you leave bank X for bank Y, because bank Y has seamless integration with ClearBooks?"

Is that a serious question!?

The internet and 99.9%+ uptime is at the heart of everything I do and I cannot believe that the performance Yodlee is tolerated.

If it really is as good as it could be, I would simply not offer it as a service (if I were Clearbooks).

I have been paying for (but unable to use) Clearbooks / Yodlee because of insurance issues preventing easy transfer between ST and Ltd. but have come along today in anticipation of 'the big switch' in July. My Ltd. account is virtually dormant with only a handful of transactions, but all Yodlee has found are the few incoming items.

I cannot afford this level of uncertainty when Clearbooks is doing the accounts for real, and am looking into Xero as we speak.

Just a little update for you...

I signed up for my Barclays 'Xero' feed and I would wager it is using Yodlee. Needless to say it failed :)

However, a quick google reveals...

Our Partner Banks [my title]

United Kingdom partner bank

HSBC is the [sole] partner bank for the United Kingdom. The HSBC link goes to the bank feed setup instructions.

[It then mentions Yodlee as an alternative for all other banks]

Yes unfortunately Xero also uses Yodlee :( The easiest way is to manually export your transactions out of your bank and import into clearbooks, it works reliably at least.

Until banks provide better integration with accountancy packages were stuck really as all that is possible is manual or a screen scraper like Yodlee, which are prone to failure after the slightest change to a banks website or may just not work at all for some reason, usually down to the banks security measures.

The recent partnership with Santander and Clearbooks is an interesting one, maybe, just maybe that could open some doors for some form of tighter integration in the future, if the deal works out for santander and enough of their customers request the functionality. We can hope :)

Agreed - but seemingly HSBC + Xero doesn't use Yodlee - https://help.xero.com/uk/#BankAccounts_HSBCFeed

I do understand the issues with Yodlee from Clearbooks POV and the technical limitations of the system, but I assume that HSBC are feeding data - which lets face it is a low security risk if simply lists of transactions - direct to Xero. I notice it takes a formal letter + 4 weeks to set up though, so must be just one guy in HSBC IT doing a 'run' of applications every other Friday afternoon or something!

Interesting, only HSBC is supported for the UK and have a direct integration into Xero. That is the kind of thing which would be nice for ClearBooks. I would not switch to HSBC though, past experiences with them have been bad :(

Seems if your in Australia or New Zealand your pretty well catered for: https://help.xero.com/uk/#Payments_PartnerFeeds

That barclays service looks good, it doesn't matter that much to my small company but there is clearly a huge need for this and lots of my web development e-commerce clients need this type of thing integrating for their business.

Clearbooks read every message here so if they don't know about it and hopefully get it integrated!

Same here we're tiny - but that's almost the point, I can't afford to take anyone on so a working datafeed is one less hour on accounts and one more on marketing, etc... Perhaps it's the same for you?

I am surprised the Barclays service isn't used here because there doesn't seem to be any exclusivity about it, sounds like it's available to all for any use.

I had been using imports with csv and decided to move to Yodlee. What a mistake. the initial set up was fabulous, updated immediately,, for several cients. Then nothing. I am having the same issue that has been discussed for 6 months, NOTHING IS HAPPENING. I am told is was last updated at 00:00 but no import is there. I know there are bank transaction. I use Xero for some clients, that has Yodlee feeds as well and even though there are occasional issues, not like this. How come 6 months later this is still a point for discussion?

No updates for me also, it was working fine for the last 2 months, have been trying to get an update today but no "new statements that need explaining" appear in the list, even though the refresh was sucessfull. Just lost a couple of hours messing around with this.

Had trouble with Yodlee from the start. 3 refresh requests so far today alone yet nothing imported.

Impossible to sell this feature to a client when it doesn't even work on my own books.

Think Clear Books should seriously be looking at their relationship with Yodlee in my humble opinion, stinks of amateurism for a company looking to drive their business forward as they are.

I think all affected should be seeking a refund from day 1 of this shoddy service, as it does not confirm to contract.

If I had paid for a service from a monitoring company, who kept telling me 'sorry it didn't work today, and we don't really know when it will' I'd be seeking redress,

After many months of flawless updates - Barclays have altered their website and now the yodlee feed is broken. Can we get an ETA from Yodlee when this might be addressed ? So that I can make alternate arrangements if its not something thats coming soon ?

Hi Nigel

I will be able to get an update from the Yodlee team on Monday - I would like to test this out with our own Barclays account too. Would it be possible to try deleting the feed and re-adding in the mean time? This has in the past fixed similar issues.

Alternatively if you would like to upload your latest transactions over the weekend please use our bank import tool -


But yet again, if I had promised to monitor the intruder alarm at the Clearbooks offices, and told you the 24/7 monitoring centre you'd paid for had staffing issues so would it be OK if we phoned you direct (and could you call the police yourselves, even if its 3am in the morning?) you'd be rightly annoyed.

This situation really is not right.

ermmm...... what's wrong with a simple .csv import? No Yodlee required.... or do you guys have like a different order of magnitude transactions to me? J.

What's wrong is that we are getting charged regardless of which method we use.

Hi Stuart & Jonathan,

You are correct, there are several possibilities to import your bank statements. The CSV format doesn't rely on Yodlee at all, however it is manual and is therefore more difficult when you import a large number. My colleague, John's, post above explains how to use our import tool.

Hi Stuart,

I just wanted to add that the Yodlee service is now included in the cost of our Together + package, so you do not, in fact, pay any additional costs to use it with Clear Books.

Many Thanks


We do in fact pay for Yodlee one way or another it's just clearbooks rolled in the pricing :)

Before I could simply disable yodlee and not pay for it and now I cannot do that because pricing has increased and Yodlee is now part of the package, whether we like it or not, that is the problem here, it's part of the package and your not able to provide the service to us.

I think clearbooks should make Yodlee an optional service again until the problems are resolved.

I do understand your frustration, James. We are endeavouring to sort out the Yodlee service as best we can given that it is a third party service. But we do realise we have a responsibility too. I can pass your thoughts on to the relevant members.

Unfortunately, going on past performance, I voted no confidence on Yodlee a while ago.

The Barclays datafeed is still available as far as I know - what are the barriers to Clearbooks supporting this?

Since last week I'm trying to refresh my Barclays account and instead of asking my PIN, I get directly this message "Bank is being refreshed, please come back in 5 minutes". Then after 5 minutes or more, no new statement to import. Last time it happened had to delete and re-create the subscription several times to get it to work, it took a few days to get an update again.

Hi Araund,

Was your last successful Yodlee import last week? If you could delete the feed and re-add that should help. It seems a little odd that it has suddenly changed your sign-in method, but if you resign to the feed it ought to pick up the correct one. Please let me know how you get on and whether it allows you to sign in using your old details.

Many Thanks


Hi Chris,

I have deleted / re-created the feed and refreshed, it asked me for my pinsentry code this time which is better, then said to come back in 5 minutes, now it's saying "The last import from your account with Barclays (UK) - Bank was at 14:30. " But when I go to the import tool there are no new statements that needs explaining. Also if I delete / re-create the feed each time it will download all transactions, not just he latest ones since the last update, so it's the same as importing a csv the old fashioned way.

Regards Arnaud

Hi Auraud,

I see that you had a successful import from Yodlee in September and that that still has half the statements to be explained. Also, when looking at your Yodlee feed I see that you have not linked it to a bank account yet. If you go to link account and select the correct account from the drop-down I believe that this will help.



What’s up with Yodlee at the moment? It’s been working OK (though not perfectly) for months but for the past week, I need to Refresh about a dozen times before it actually gets any data.

It’s very frustrating and I know that it is a third party service but there are no problems listed on the Yodlee page - is there a problem?

Thanks, Colin

I have found that one major issue is that people are going online to the bank within 10 minutes of the feed being requested and the feel will then not work. Are you sure that everyone who access to bank is not going on line to do anything and causing an issue? It took me ages to work out my client and I had the same working time habits and we were causing conflicts with each other.

Just a thought.


Yodlee must be using the code provided fairly quickly though or it would expire, not sure if it's ten minutes, the code generator with my First Direct account is more like 2 minutes if you attempt to pre-generate a code then log afterwards.

For me it's been OK, but seems to be almost overnight before new items appear.

In my experience it is not specifically to do with the codes used, more the activity from a "different" computer within a set space of time. Even though we are talking business accounts, the bank software presumes one user, one computer and if another computer attempts to contact them within a short space of time the bank software puts the account on a 10 minute (or longer) hold to prevent fraud.

I know my old HSBC business account supported multiple users, not sure about my current Barclays one.

Now you have said the key word, Barclays. They have had several "ISSUES" these last few weeks. I have clients who do not use Clearbooks, and therefore no Yodlee feed issues and even they have had problems. Three of my Clearbooks clients use it and they have a devil of a job, nothing to do with Yodlee all to do with Barclays. The main website had a few days for example where only IE would work, then they had a day I spoke to them when only browsers from MAC's would work, all PC popular browsers returned error messages so no link could be established. It was a right royal pain. Touch wood that is now sorted, or have I tempted fait!

Yes I've had 'IE only' issues with both Barclays (and Co-op) recently...

Barclays have made a few changes as I'm sure you know. Not all good!

Is anyone else still having this issue? I'm finding that i keep getting the screen 'Yodlee is refreshing come back in 5 minutes'. 1hr later still same screen. If I go off screen, hit refresh (do anything!) I get a message stating 'you didn't input the additional information in time. This can take 30 seconds to load. Do not move away from imput screen'.... I've tried Yodlee in Kashflow and this issue has never happened during their trial. But, its has happened every day since signing up for the Clearbooks trial...

Nope, to be fair to CB / Yodlee it's been fine ever since those dark days :)

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