Customised invoice template not showing part of the information

Problem reported by Franck Jehanne 8 years ago

/ Field "Settlement Discount" has been customised, it appears in the preview but not on the final PDF when publishing an invoice. Please help.
Thank you

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Hi Franck,

Would it be possible to let me know which invoice number you have applied the settlement discount to on your account. If you like you can email details to our helpdesk by clicking on the Need help? link to the top right of your account.

We have been trying to do something similar to Franck I think, which is not to actually add some settlement discount to an invoice at all but to add some free format text to a simple invoice template for freelance consultants e.g. For software development services provided by XXX as follows:

Do you have a suggestion as to how this can be added?

Hi Ros,

You will be able to add this either in the summary or as a permanent attachment by heading to 'Sales > Emails > Attachments' and entering this here.

I hope this helps.

Hi Juan

I would like to add this into the body of the actual invoice, not in the email sending the invoice.

On the previews of template invoices there is a load of Latin words plus the settlement discount line - is there a way to change either of these to show this text in the invoice?

You will be able to add this on the 'Summary text' box, located just above the 'Update' button when editing the invoice.

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