The invoice cannot have a gross value that is zero.

Problem reported by Andy Gambles 9 years ago

It might sound strange but I want to create an invoice in the system which has line items but the total is zero. We do this quite a lot for various reasons.

For example some customers we give a 100% discount but still supply an invoice to show them how much it woudl have cost.

We also have negative line items in some instances for example when using balance from a liability account to pay an invoice. We would add a line to the invoice with description and enter a negative value using a liability account which makes the invoice zero. This liability account may be a customer pre-payment amount.

Can zero value invoices be enabled?

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Hi Andy,

As for the zero item request - we'll discuss it internally together with a request for 0 price items. I'll get back to you on this in due course.

Hi Andy,

You can raise the sales invoice and allocate a credit note to clear it to represent the 100% discount.

Kind regards,


Hi Andy,

Having discussed this, we will be enabling zero-value invoices in due course (I hope next week, but can't commit).

Note that as soon as we allow editing paid invoices, such zero-value invoices will be automatically marked as paid.

Thanks for letting me know and adding this option.

We can get around it with Credit Notes but it just adds an extra step.

Are zero invoices going to be available soon?

Hello Andy,

We are at the final testing stage at the moment. It should arrive soon, with this week or the beginning of next week.



This isnt just a minor issue.

HMRC:- What a VAT invoice must show

A VAT invoice must show: an invoice number which is unique and follows on from the number of the previous invoice - if you spoil or cancel a serially numbered invoice, you must keep it to show to a VAT officer at your next VAT inspection

So when I import invoices from my e-commerce system, Clear Books will not import the zero value ones and I am not conforming to HMRC requirements.

Zero value invoices are used, for example, when some spares are sent out FOC.


Bizarrely during testing the API we created zero value invoices successfully.

No the SOAP API. I have a script to import all e-commerce orders overnight into Clearbooks:

Taken longer than expected as many things are not documented but we got there in the end.

Hi Andy,

Sorry for the delay but the good news is the zero value invoices are almost ready to be launched. It is in it's final stage of testing and should be live by next week.


Zero value invoices are now live.

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