Cannot reactivate payment methods

Problem reported by Kevin Doran 8 years ago

Money > Bank accounts > Payment methods

All are set to closed apart from credit card.

Can't see how to re-open the rest?

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Hello Kevin,

It seems the system will only allow you to close them but never allow you to open them up again which is quite odd.

I will need to pass this onto a member of the technical team who will be able to look at adjusting it so you are able to do this.

In the meantime, please can you add the method you would like to use which has been closed. This is the only way you can have these payment methods active while we make adjustments to the system.



I have had the same issue, any update on this? Thanks

Hi Guys,

This should now be resolved.



I'm facing the same issue, please advise how can the payment method 'Standard' be re-opened after it has been closed as adding a 'User-created' method causes multiple payment methods of the same name which is confusing while selecting payment method on the payment screen.

cheers, Riddhi

Hi Riddhi,

You can add as many payment methods as you like on the Money>Bank accounts>Payment methods menu (you cannot re-open closed PMs)


Once complete head back to Money>Bank accounts and click on the edit icon beside your bank account


Then tick the new payment methods you have created


Payment methods are only really there for reference - you cannot produce any reports on them.

I think i've created a thread on it somewhere before but I personally wish payment methods could be toggled off completely.

No matter how many times you tell a client they'll still mark a transaction as being paid for in cash thinking it'll automatically take the funds from the petty cash account..but leave the bank account field as current account or whatever. I've managed to 'lose' the main culprit now but they'd have 50+ such transactions each month which i'd subsequently have to go in to edit.

I tend to agree - it's one for Hemi and the UX team, I shall draw their attention

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