Please fix a small bug with User Roles

Problem reported by Martin Pollard 6 years ago

If you go to create a new user role, you type in the name of the role and then start selecting the permissions. But as soon as you start selecting the permissions, the name disappears. When you then click "Add Role", there is an error message ("Role Name: please do not leave empty") and all of the permissions are reset so you have to start again. Very frustrating if you have spent time defining the role!


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Hi Martin,

I have tested this on my account and was unable to replicate the error. Could you give me the name of your business so I can test this on your account?

Sorry Berhan - I didn't reply to this.

The business name is Welsh Centre for International Affairs - and the problem is still there. If it helps, I'm using Chrome.

Hi Martin,

No problem at all. Is this for individual permissions or the bulk 'select all' option? I have tried to replicate this on your account and was again unable to do so as I'm able to select the individual permissions without the role name disappearing. When clicking select all this appears to be the case however.

I have spoken to a developer who has suggested it may be a javascript issue. Switching browsers may determine this as it would be confirmed as a browser specific problem. A potential workaround would be filling selecting the permissions first and then entering the name in afterwards.

Hi Berhan,

Yes, this only seem to happen when using 'select all'. I would rather not use Internet Explorer as I've found Chrome gives an overall better experience with ClearBooks, so it would be great to get the Javascript issue fixed if possible.



Hi Martin,

OK I will submit this to the technical team. For the time being I would suggest populating the name field for the role after mass updating the permissions as it only resets this once that happens.

Hi Martin,

This issue should now be fixed. Please let us know if you continue to experience this problem.

Thanks David - yes, this looks fixed now.

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