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Problem reported by Peter Leeson 8 years ago

I am trying out the "Staff Room", and tried to enter holidays, etc. One of our staff members is going on maternity leave, and apparently, I need to select every day, one by one, for the next four months rather than being able to enter a from-to approach. Can this be corrected?

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Hi Peter,

Yes you can select a range of dates in one go. To do this simply hold down the shift key when you select the first day and keep it pressed whilst you scroll to and click on the end date. This should select all the dates you require.

I hope this helps.

Many Thanks


Sorry, this does not appear to work. If I shift-click on the first date, then on the last, it only selects the two dates. If I maintain both pressed and "drag" the mouse from the 1st to the 31st, it selects nothing, and the cursor turns into a barred off circle showing that this is not accepted. I tried several combinations of shift and clicking, none of them allowed me to select more than one day.

Hi Peter,

I have tested this method and it seems to work at my end. Would you please be able to tell me what browser and version of Windows you are using?


Windows 7 (64-bit). Internet explorer 11 and Google Chrome v38. Both up to date to latest version.

Hi Peter,

This could be due to it being an old version of Windows. If you hold down the shift key whilst selecting the start and end dates this ought to work. But, I am afraid this sounds like an OS issue.


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