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Problem reported by Andrew Moore 8 years ago

It is very annoying when I create a new bill or invoice and the code reference jumps out of sequence.

There are gaps that have been created due to old imports of data and general deleting. However I do not want these gaps filled and for the auto invoice number or bill number to be going back. This seems to happen sporadically and I have no clue why

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Not really, It isn't a problem with the invoice number start point it is a problem when for no reason given the invoice numbers jump back to some earlier number and stop going in sequence.

This seems like more of a bug than something that needs a new start point.

For example, I recently invoice a customer and the invoice number for some reason went to 467 the one previous was 1076. Why did it jump back?

Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately this is the way the system works currently, however there is a toggle feature in Settings > Organisation > Toggle features > Invoicing & expenses called Tailored bill numbers, which allows you to manually override bill numbers to be tailored to what you want it to be (please note, this feature is only for bills). Furthermore, you can set the minimum invoice number by heading to Settings > Invoice themes > Preferences and entering in the minimum invoice number in the first invoice number field (please note, this is meant only to set up minimum invoice number for invoices only).

I hope that is useful, please let me know if this resolves your query and/ or if you require any further assistance.

All the best.


Hi Andrew,

Clear Books invoice number sequence is designed to plug gaps in your invoice numbering, but it does not continue the sequence from the imported data. However from closer inspection in your Settings > Invoice theme > preferences page, it seems as though you have set the first invoice number to 1,000 therefore it should not be going lower than this number. I tried creating a sales invoice and it came up with an invoice number of 1080 continuing on from the last one.

Please could you let me know when the invoice number next jumps back to an earlier number, and I'll be able to look into the cause of this issue further.

All the best,


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