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Problem reported by Elena Yudina 8 years ago


I'm posting monthly depreciation journals through Journal function. After posting Feb journal, I posted Mar journal, reviewed charge on P&L but Feb journal disappeared. Then the same thing happen with Mar journal - it disappeared after i posted Apr.

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Hi Elena,

Is it one journal in particular as I see you have several in your account?


I've been trying to post several, but they somehow the previous one get canceled once the new one is posted

Hi Elena, I have had a look at quite a few depreciation journals in your account and it appears that you have left a few details out which means that they are not depreciating. Firstly you have not set a rate or an economic life Also you have to select an account as that is what will cause it to show in the P&L When you go to Tools > Fixed Assets > Depreciation you will have to click on an item Scroll to the bottom and you will see the fields Please follow this guide. Step 5 should be particularly useful

Many Thanks


I think she is passing the journals manually as opposed to using the inbuilt functionality.

Elena, once you create a journal and get the green 'the journal has been processed' message, you can't overtype the same journal again and just press post journal. Instead, when you get the green 'the journal has been posted' message, you need to hit the create button so it starts a fresh journal. What you're doing at the moment simply overwrites the journal you've just posted which is why it keeps disappearing.


Using the inbuilt Fixed Asset functionality is definitely worth a look but the above should help you for other journals so you don't run into the same problem.

Great point, Kevin. well worked out. That makes a lot of sense.


I do the same as Elena on a regular basis, really annoying.

Maybe a little "Idea" for the developers, once a journal is created go to the "View" screen?


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