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FX revaluation issue

Problem reported by Alfredo Ramirez 6 years ago

I'm having a problem with the revaluation on foreign currency accounts. In a given month I have a balance of 16136.39 PEN (currently valued at 5986.62 USD). The Fx rate for the day is 2.8379912 PEN per USD When I revaluate I get a revaluation value of 5066.62 USD, bringing the balance to 920.10 USD. Which implies a FX rate of 17.5376 PEN per USD (TOTALLY WRONG FX!!)

Something is not working right with revaluation.... please check!

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Hi Alfredo,

There is a problem with the re-valuation tool which the technical team are currently investigating. However would it be possible to let me know your account name, the bank account you are re-valuing and the date of re-valuation as I can use a work around to get the correct conversion.


Hi John

Thanks for the update, I don't need the workaround, as we reevaluate every month, just let me know when the issue is solved

Kind regards


Hi John, we also have the same issue with FX revaluation. Our fiscal year closes 31/10 and we need it fixed once and for all. I will delete all the revaluation journals now and wait for your one-time workaround. Thanks Sam

Hi Sam,

I have just sent you an email. Your revaluation has now been completed.


Let me know when the problem is solved

Hi Alfredo,

We used a workaround to to solve this issue. If you try to revalue your account, does this problem still persist?


I tried a revaluation and problem still persist

Thanks for the update, Alfredo. For now the only option is the work around, so unless you want us to do that on your account we will let you know when it is back up and running.


I'll wait until you have a definite solution. Let me know when this issue is solved

Have you solved the issue definitely? Is it working now?

Hi Alfredo, Sam & Kevin,

I am very pleased to let you know that the revaluation tool has now been fixed. This should now be applying the correct FX rates.

All the best


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