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Problem reported by Ros Northmore 7 years ago

The two bits of information here (VAT payable and VAT building up) have got very close together. I think they need to be separated out again.


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Agree with Ros - need a separator of some kind? see shot


Hi Ros and Paul,

Thanks for informing us of this discrepancy, I will alert the development team of this and update you on this thread once it has been solved.

Thanks for your patience.

All the best,


Hi Ros and Paul,

I'm writing to update you that one of our front end developers have added a space between the Vat Payable and VAT building up sections, this will go live on the software over the weekend. Another nice option would be to have both on a separate line. This would be very easy to change, so please let us know if this would be preferred?

Kind Regards,


Thanks Shaz

Has the change been implemented on the dashboard yet? It still looks really close together.

If the space was much larger (like it used to be) then having them on a separate line wouldn't be necessary.

Not sure what other users think?



Hi Ros,

It has been fixed but not implemented yet, it's just in the testing phase at the moment before it will go live.

This is what it will look like.


Will notify you in the post once this goes live.



That's good for me, one line makes sense. Ta P

Hi Paul & Ros,

I can confirm that it has now been solved and gone live.

All the best,


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