Can't allocate a payment to a part-paid refund

Problem reported by Richard Cooper 8 years ago

In the demo account I've created a £15 sales refund and allocated a £10 payment to it file

Then I try to explain the final £5 of the refund by clicking the highlighted button below file

Here's the result file

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Hi Richard,

Where is this second payment (Partial refund 2/2)? I cannot seem to see it anywhere.



I created it via Money > Manage Money > Money Out

Since I didn't finish explaining it it probably doesn't exist any more. To recreate it just create a £5 money out via Money > Manage Money

I'll have a look for you now, Richard.

Hi Richard,

Is there a reason that this refund was created with a minus total? I have removed the minus and this has now sent the srf back to unpaid. Please try again and let me know.


I create the refund via Sales > Invoices > Create and then creating a sales invoice with a negative value. How else would I do it?

I have removed the minus ... you will have to use money > Money In to be able to allocate the payment.

Hasn't that just turned it into a normal invoice rather than a refund?

The only way you can pay off an invoice with a negative value is via the quick pay function. The allocate method will not work in such cases where you part pay.

You have a few choices now. Either you can pay the remaining £5 via the quick pay function (The initial £10 will allocate). Or, you can remove the invoice altogether and enter the full amount via Money > Manage Money > Money Out and then use the refund tab and this will mark it as a refund automatically. Finally, if you still wish to use allocations then you will have to create separate refunds to be able to allocate more than one payment.

I hope that this gives you a number of options.


The allocate method will not work in such cases where you part pay.

Yes. What I want to do - and what I thought I was doing - is report this as a bug for you to fix.

I understand it's hardly a high priority bug but (a) it should be possible to do what I was trying to do and (b) the error message I got doesn't make any sense.

Hi Richard, this is not so much a bug, but rather a design limitation. The system is not set up to receive part payments of refunds through allocations and therefore it does not accept these transactions. The error occurs because the system sees that there is a payment on the refund and takes it therefore as paid.

As I said this is a system design issue rather than a bug. If you would like to pay refunds in this way perhaps you would consider adding this as an idea here on Community.

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