Search by Invoice number returns zero results

Problem reported by Andy Gambles 8 years ago

When trying to search by invoice number (using the search box in the header) I always get zero results. Even though the invoice exists.

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Hi Andy,

Can you confirm whether you are using the last three numbers of the Invoice id excluding the zero values?

For example Inv000225 will need to be entered as 225 within the search bar.

I hope that this has been helpful. Please do let me know if this works within your account.

Many thanks,


I am pasting in the whole invoice number. So you are saying I just need to enter the number excluding zeros.

Pretty sure I used to be able to just paste in the whole INV000123 and it worked before.

Hi Andy,

I can confirm that all you need to enter into the search field is the last few digits which exclude the zeros.

I will need to confer with the rest of my colleagues on Monday, to confirm if pasting the entire invoice ID number before use to bring up the invoice details. However at the moment you can search the invoice using the above method.

Kind Regards,


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