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CIS showing on invoice

Problem reported by Jonathan Sargent 5 years ago


I have just created a new client and a new invoice and its showing CIS which subtracts the VAT. How do I get rid of this? What is it?



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Hello Jonathan,

CIS is for the Construction Industry Scheme which looks at retaining money for sub-contractors.

if this is turned on in your account and you do not need it, please go to Settings > Organisation > Toggle Features and click on the last menu item on the left hand side. That will have a feature which you can turn off.

For the invoice you have, you will need to void it and recreate it as the system does not allow for edits on CIS invoices since it has more/different calculations.


I've just imported a batch of sales invoices and the CIS discount has been shown BUT CIS is turned off in organisational settings. What do I do?

Hi Andy,

Are any of the invoices you have imported using the following account codes?

1002001 1002002 1002003

2002001 2002002 2002003

Not quite. Is 1002004 effected.

Are you saying it is best to avoid the ?002 series? I currently have set up 2 accounts with 1002 codes and two with 2002 codes.

In the test import the only 1002 series number happens to be exclusively products from an Irish supplier and therefore does not involve VAT on the invoice. Though when it comes to importing the rest there will be other 1002 and 2002 series.

It would be relatively easy to change these codes now but not so easy when I have imported larger numbers.

I spoke with support after posting this and have sent them the file.

BIG APOLOGY. I see that in mapping the old categories to new account codes I made a mistake. The items were being mapped to 1002001 in error. Just did not see it at time


No worries - yeah I would re-create that code elsewhere - 1002004 should be fine. You should be able to update the invoices to the new code and future imports will work fine.

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