Hiring a part-time book keeper?

Question asked by Daniel Dainty 6 years ago


I'm in the market for hiring a part-time Clearbooks-proficient book keeper. Here seems to be the best place to ask!

Does anyone have any experience of either providing or sourcing this resource?

Best wishes


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Hi Dan

Seeing as only a handful of us post regularly in here (and one of those is CB's own consultant accountant) you might struggle for unbiased recommendations!

Have you had a look through the directory? https://www.clearbooks.co.uk/directory

Have you spoken to your accountant? I'm a big believer of trying to keep it all under one roof where possible, saves crossed wires. If you've got an accountant who's proficient in ClearBooks the chances are they'll be able to direct you better (if not do it themselves).

How do you foresee the relationship working?

My own accountant is too busy unfortunately otherwise he'd either take it or delegate it. I ideally just need someone to reconcile and balance my books as I'm struggling to

a) import and reconcile the accounts quarterly b) get things in order for May which is year-end deadline

as well as run the actual business and do the actual work!

Traditionally I am used to seeing people hire a book-keeper for one day a week to, well, keep the books. Would this model fit in a Clearbooks environment, where everthing is online and bank-statements come as a CSV?

Ugh, the directory won't let me send a message as it says the captcha is incorrect, but there's no captcha visible...

I guess you can break the process down into the following parts:

  1. Creation of sales invoices
  2. Inputting of bills/expenses
  3. Marking said invoices/bills as paid
  4. Bank importation/rec
  5. Payroll
  6. VAT check/submission

Which would you be looking for somebody to handle?

Based on that list

  1. Creation of sales invoices - no
  2. Inputting of bills/expenses - probably
  3. Marking said invoices/bills as paid - definitely
  4. Bank importation/rec - definitely
  5. Payroll - no
  6. VAT check/submission - no, not initially anyway

All could be done remotely then. You'd just need to figure out a way of getting the info required in point 2 over (sticking an envelope of receipts in the post probably defeats what we're trying to achieve here!)


I am a Clearbooks book-keeper who works remotely for a PR Company and it works really well. We have several shared folders in Dropbox so their office manager scans all the invoices and I can then explain the bank imports by referring to those invoices. I agree with Kevin, above, in that I imagine your difficulty would be getting the invoices into a place where the CB inputter has access to them? The actual CB input would not be a problem but access to the source documents may make that difficult.

A combination of scanning/emailing (non-physical docs) usually works. Worst case there's always the likes of Receipt Bank/Keebo.

Yeah I don't mind doing my receipts myself; most of the time I have this wedge and I have to go through the can-claim/can't-claim process myself before handing it over, and that's half the battle anyway.

I regularly scan all my receipts in and compile to spreadsheet, and attach the receipts and the spreadsheet to my expense claim for safe-keeping online. It takes a while, but it's not too bad.

It's really just bank rec that is my pain point (as you know from other threads!)

Ruth - I'd be interested to know more about what you do and what your rates are.

The spreadsheet on top of everything else does sound a tad excessive but if it works...

I'm only down the road in sunny Coventry so if you ever get bored of your existing accountant feel free to give me a nudge for a cuppa (easy on the sugar of course) ;-)

I was hoping you would say that :-)


If you could submit the contact form to me I would be happy to get in touch!

sorry - that's a mix isn't it!


or email me at


@Kevin - the spreadsheet for a quarter's worth of expenses is a damn sight quicker at working out X for mileage, Y for postage, Z for food, etc than it would be to create a new row in CB for each line :)

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