Transfer between bank current and savings - which one or both?

Question asked by Maria Ingold 7 years ago


I entered my Bank Savings account yesterday and set up all the transfers from Bank Current since 2012. Today I entered my Bank Current account and also started to set up all the transfers to Bank Savings since 2012. The last 3 it says have already been done. So what happened to the other 20 I did? Have I repeated myself somewhere? I thought this was necessary to reconcile? How do I see the list and how do I undo them if this is now duplicated somewhere? And what happens when I automatically import bank statements for both Current and Savings?

Thanks for the help.

Kindest regards, Maria

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Hi (again) Maria

Unfortunately there's currently no method of reconciling transfers against each other - it's point 7 on my hit list!

If you import your current account statement and mark the relevant transfers over to your savings account, when you then import the savings statement you need to physically delete the incoming transfers by using the red X next to the statement line as shown here:


If you've already gone as far as to explain it (so now it's effectively been duplicated), you'll need to go into your bank statement to delete it. So, go to Money > Bank Accounts > All - click on the account in question - then find the transaction you need to delete. Click on the amount, press delete then press delete payment. You'll now get a red error msg saying the item has already been reconciled so click the option to 'unreconcile it before deleting', then press delete (again), then finally delete payment (again). Far too long winded before you say it but for now it is what it is i'm afraid.

Make sense?

Thanks and hello again Kevin.

Oh. My.

OK. I'm through the double stage of deleting and things are looking good again.

Thank you again.

Pleasure as always....

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