how to delete accidental expenses error?

Question asked by Geraldine Clare Ramsay 7 years ago

I have paid a batch of expenses, including for a train ticket. I now realise the train ticket was bought with the company card, and should not have been treated as an expense.

How do I best fix this problem?

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Hi Geraldine,

Did you pay for the expenses on an imported bank statement or did you create the payment manually from the Money>Manage money menu?


I transfered from my business bank account & then matched to my approved expenses after importing the statement. Only then did I notice my error...

I'm still not sure what the answer is. I've done the same as Geraldine. I've paid the expense claimer and now I need to delete the expense, create a bill and figure out how to say that the expense claimer is currently in credit.

I plan to just pay them less next time they claim, but not sure how to do the credit at the moment. Alec

Hi Alec,

To answer this we will need to look at your account as the answer potentially could be quite different depending on what toggle features you are using and how you have created the payment.

Could you please email your query to contact support and include the name of your account and the number of the invoice in question. This will open a support ticket in our system where we can discuss the details in private.

We will then be able to have a look and let you know how best to proceed.

All the best.

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