Opening debtor balances in a second (and third currency)?

Question asked by Paul Barnes 6 years ago

I am just setting up on Clearbooks after my spreadsheet accounting system has pushed me to the point of insanity! I have 3 different bank accounts (GBP, USD and EUR). I raise invoices in each of those currencies according to who I am selling to. Therefore I have an opening debtor balances but some debtors in GBP, some in USD etc. Same applies to a lesser degree with creditors. I can set up debtor balances in GBP no problems, but how do I set up opening balances in USD - eg so that when I recieve payment in my USD account I can allocate to the debtor?

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Instead of using the getting started wizard I would probably recreate the sales invoices the balances relate to.

Many thanks Kevin. I found that recreating an invoice dated (day before start of period) is the same for clearbooks as entering a debtor balance (in that both just creat an invoice anyway - the debtor balance entry just has less fields on show to add info into). So in the end I created one foreign currency invoice dated the same date as above and entered multiple lines in the invoice to cover each old invoice, and put a comment in saying "Opening Debtor balance USD" etc.

I have about 3 or 4 other queries which have so far stumped me - I will be posting them today!!

I'll keep an eye out ;-)

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