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Question asked by David Barrett 6 years ago


I am looking at changing my email templates but the templates only seem to let you customise the initial text in an email, I cannot seem to change the elements that come after this starting from the "Your statement" section..


Is there a way to modify this?

Cheers David

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I'm no expert but don't you just need to edit this tab?


Hi David,

The text editor that we use for the email templates is one that allows you to copy and paste content into it, including tables and "DIV" content from web pages. If the content below the "Your statement" link in your editor is proving difficult to edit, then it may be because the content is being laid-out with a table.

Do you find that you're able to edit any of the text below "Your statement" at all, or is it simply refusing to budge? If it is, would you be able to tell me which Browser and Operating System that you're using to do this? This way, I should be able to investigate whether it is a browser bug or some other issue.


-- David.

I'm no expert but don't you just need to edit this tab?


Kevin, you may be no expert but to me you are a king among men!

Just in case David - there is also a huge list of automated text, known as "placeholders" that you can enter into emails.

You see them when you go to Sales>Emails>Templates but at any other time, you can get to them by hitting the tiny blue "i" at the top left of the screen above.

Only took me a year to spot this, and that was by mistake!

Hi all, just to piggy back off of this thread with a new issue i have faced.

we have added a signature to the "details" email template and when sending any invoices/reminders etc it then shows our business email signature.

My question is does anyone know how to add different "details" per user so if my we send an email it is our signature, if one of our other users it shows their signatures?

Can’t be done as far as I know

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