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Transactions not pulling in all the transactions (Yorkshire Bank)

Question asked by Almas Ali 5 years ago


I am current using a trial version and trying to import transactions (Yorkshire Bank) using Yodlee but it's only back as 06 May 2015 as I have transaction going back to Jan 2015. Any idea why this is happening?

In the progress column it states 0 of 21 (0%) - what does this mean?

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Hi Almas,

Unfortunately Yodlee only allow you to import the previous 3 months. If you need transactions prior to this I would recommend using our bank import tool:


Once a statement is imported either by Yodlee or the import tool it will appear on the Money>Bank accounts menu under the imported statements that need explaining:


You then need to hit the explain link and start entering the details (contact, VAT rate, account code, etc) of each payment and receipt.


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