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Question asked by Marie Hughes 7 years ago

Hi, can anyone help please? I do book-keeping for a very small firm. Three people already have pensions, and want to stick with these, we already contribute above the minimum amount. These pensions DO NOT qualify for auto-enrolment. I was going to use NEST, then let them opt-out, but would payments actually be taken? Is there an easy way to auto-enrol them all, and then they opt out? They want to stay with their existing providers!


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Hi Shirley

This will be more one for your accountant rather than this particular forum (btw if you ever want any business support in general you'll find this place pretty helpful

Re AE: the opting out info can be found here - none of my clients have reached their staging dates yet but as far as I know the employees have to be enrolled (and presumably a deduction made) in order for them to opt out. You then refund them their first contribution with the provider in turn refunding the employer.

Fun times ahead....

Thanks,.............. that seems ludicrous! :-0 Thanks for the link too!

Thanks Kevin, I saw this one, but couldn't fathom if the initial auto-enrolment actually meant making the first payment!! If we could auto-enrol then opt out before making a payment it would be so easy. All our employees have their own private schemes which they wish to keep!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaargh

That's my take on it at the moment but i'll be the first to admit my AE knowledge isn't quite 100% just yet so please do a bit of digging yourself first before taking my word for it!

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