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Question asked by Natasha Newby 7 years ago

Hi Im trying to amend an import rule so I can bulk update transfers between accounts as import my bank statements.

Presumably account is the account it is going to, what is entity in this instance?



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Hi Natasha - unfortunately you can't bulk update with transfers, you have to do them one at a time, so all the rule need say is that it's a transfer, and you don't need an entity.

Drats - I have an awful lot of these! This explains why I couldn't work it out!.

Belated thanks for the answer


Well, you can technically mass update transfers but they end up as REC/PAY transactions instead of transfers. The end goal is the same but your sales and purchase list will get clogged right up.


I use the mass update for other recurring transactions. I have been wondering about setting up an account code just for transfers and excluding it from the VAT return. (Our credit card payments go into one account then get transferred to our main account everynight, the same happens to cash takings so we are dealing with several repeatable transactions a day)

If I set up a discrete code (or one for cc and one for cash):-

  • the net result in that code will be zero as equal amounts go in and out
  • I should be able to filter it out of reports etc

Im behind on accounts at the moment due to several disasters in the last yr (baby, illness and flooding) so Ive decided to plod through for now and give it a whirl from the new financial year - so if it goes horribly wrong I have time on my side to put it right!

Thanks for your suggestions


Hi Natasha,

If you were to create an account like that the net balance would indeed generally be zero, but as for it not showing up on reports that depends on what sort of reports you mean. Reports such as, for example, the balance sheet or the P&L will show every account with a relevant account code which have had transactions on them. Specific codes cannot be excluded as that would (in principle) make the report inaccurate.

It's been a long day but I'm lost in all honesty. What are you trying to achieve with this new account code?

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