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Question asked by Ben Tappin 5 years ago


In the past I've downloaded a report for purchases that had the filename 'clearbooks_-accounts-2013-10-01-to-2014-09-30-PURCHASES.csv'.

Has anyone any idea how I generate this again? I can't for the life of me find it in the Reports section of the site. Starting to wonder if I imagined it!

Many thanks


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Hi Ben,

It sounds like you downloaded it from the Tools>Export menu - select the purchase ledger in the reports drop down list.

That's the one, John! Thanks.

Slightly confusing that there are two places to get similar things I guess.

Ah yes Ben, we thought it was confusing too!

When we were re-arranging the navigation for our new menu (now available to try out in [Preview](www.preview.clearbooks.co.uk "Head to Preview")) we had a long hard look at the reports overview page and decided that those export files were better off with their friends in the export menu.

Hopefully you agree it's now simpler just to head to the one place :)

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