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Why do quotes and POs use same numbering system?

Question asked by Andy Miller 4 years ago

Can you explain why quotes and POs use the same numbering sequence? Therefore neither sequence will appear complete. I cant understand logic of this

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Hi Andy,

Unfortunately, the numbering of quotes and POs has never been considered crucial, even though I appreciate that it may be slightly confusing. I hope that this doesn't inconvenience you in any way.

All the best,



It seems like this is another example of thinking for the 1 or 2 man business and not for larger companies. We currently use your PO system but not your quotes and this came about because of testing for a potential move to using ClearBooks for quotes. This numbering is a problem because We have different people quoting from issuing POs. But how would either guarantee to be able to follow up on all quotes or all POs if they do not each have consecutive numbering for what they are following up.

I will post the separation of numbering as an idea though I have not seen much progression from posted ideas to reality on other accounting matters.

Not sure if it helps but you are usually able to add an 'a, b, c' etc or or a slash '/112' for example to the PO/Invoice/quote no........

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