Question asked by PAUL DOBSON 5 years ago


I have been using the HMRC Basic RTI.

a Director is paid £580 gross per week, £73.60 Tax deducted, and NI deducted at £51. These calculations are consistent throughout the year.

However in clearbooks payroll, the gross and tax are calculated correctly, however NI appears to be operating on a cumulative basis with no ni deductions till week 18.

Please can you tell me how I can operate clearbooks to give me a consistent calculation, as per the HMRC Basic RTI software.

Thanks Paul

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Hi Paul

First off, as i'm sure you know, directors are quite entitled to use the cumulative method hence it being the default.

To switch it over to 'normal' simply edit them to being a standard employee as opposed to a director.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks, I don't want to change the basis mid year - just more work for me.


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