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Question asked by Shirley Wyatt 5 years ago

My sales team need a report of the forthcoming recurring invoices, by Project. This was suggested by a user 4 years ago. I was hoping that with the new improved set-up this would be instigated. Are there plans for this?

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Must admit the copy/paste works fine for me. When you right click to paste are you selecting 'match destination formatting'?


Completely off song here John but in the last 3 weeks i've had 8 different people tell me why they're using Wave - all because of way the it handles sales invoicing. I've got two small clients of my own that use it and somebody actually invoiced me using it today [must say it looked very professional].

Worth a look when the whole invoice theme bit does start getting looked at.

One of my clients (the fastest growing one) is looking to change FROM CB to Wave or Xero!! Reporting just isn't good enough on CB :-(

I actually had a chat with the supplier who invoiced me today via Wave - in his words, bar the invoicing, it's very poor - likely because he's so used to using either CB or Xero.

So I guess Xero it is! Decision is out of my hands. Sad for me, as I use CB for all my other clients. However this one is the most demanding, uses more of the functions and has grown from 6 to 20 employees in 12 months!! I wish CB would improve their reports (quickly!!) :-)

Unfortunately nothing is quick in this game as i'm sure you well know. I'm also sure your client will very quickly find the grass is rarely greener!

I doubt it, they tell me exactly what they need and I find a way to produce it, if I cannot, they say "change it so that you can" ..... They've been on about Xero for a year or so now, mostly due to how easily customers can pay our Sales invoices (along with the reports issues)

Hi Shirley,

We will try our best Shirley - hopefully, a custom report feature would solve a number of customer report requests in one go. When the new Roadmap is finalised we will be announcing it on the blog and here on the community (and most likely the newsletter which is being re-instated)

Thanks, Kevin - I will forward this on to our PO and exec team for research :)

Thanks John,

I know these things take time but before our year end in March would be REALLY helpful, I don't wish to leave CB but it's my clients decision at the end of the day :-(

Hi all - for what it's worth, and this is me with my user's hat on - reports has always been the biggest (recurring) issue for all accounting software (desk & cloud), in "the old days" it was what differentiated QBs from S*** and I have made, and heard, just as many criticisms of Xero's reporting as I have other apps'.

Rest assured if CB developed a recurring invoice report, there would be hundreds shooting it down for not doing the report they wanted. Having said that, the recurring screen could do with being improved to at least show the recurrences against each template, with how many to go.

So, for me, as with so many other features, the way forward is integrating with a dedicated apps which, for reporting would be something like Crunchboards or loads of others, many of which also incorporate budgeting & forecasting features so poorly served in cloud accounting.

Your bit in the middle there Paul would actually be the perfect solution.

3 extra columns: Frequency, date of next occurrence, number of occurrences remaining - job done.

Simple surely ;-)

The ability to print the existing recurring invoice list into a workable an excel spreadsheet would be a little benefit until things improve!!

You can just copy and paste the list into excel as it stands Shirley. It's not much use though without knowing the frequencies and whether any of the templates have since expired though.

Exactly, and it comes out pretty weird to boot!!

Must admit the copy/paste works fine for me. When you right click to paste are you selecting 'match destination formatting'?


Nope!!! Hopeless. Thank you yet again

That button is a little unknown gem!

Well two people know of it now at least!!

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