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Question asked by Jane Grimshaw 5 years ago

Hi, Is there a way to run and download a simple P & L Report which shows detailed transaction by account code. We have just switched to Clear Books but on our old accounting package we could run a simple report which showed by account code just date, name, amount and running total. We could run a similar balance sheet report. IIn respect of P & L think it would be the P& L section of the management report but just at a more detailed level - ie the entries (single not double)making up the balance on each account code.

Regards Jane

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Hi Jane,

I am sorry for the late response, your comment must have slipped through the cracks.

We are looking to implement personalised reports in the future but for now, one cannot run a Profit and Loss report by account code. To get this information, you will have to click through to the total on the preferred line into the Transactions report and select the account code to filter by.

Is this helpful?

Thank you. We just miss running a full report that show entries without wanting to see all the corresponding double entries. It's a chore having to click code by code and then enter it all into a big spreadsheet so was hoping I'd missed something. Personalised reports would be great.


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