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Question asked by Phil Kidd 5 years ago

We were wondering how you could claim a taxi receipt which is just from a "Licensed Taxi" rather than a stated company name? I believe you have to fill in the "Receipt from" tab for the expense to be submitted....? Many thanks.

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Hi Phil - if you're claiming VAT then the bill must show the name of the supplier and VAT number, otherwise you're not able to claim the VAT. For small items however there shouldn't be a problem. For income/Corporation tax, a bland receipt, as you describe is probably good enough, but only if there aren't loads of them.

If no name is shown you can just have a generic supplier "Taxis".

Lots of generic suppliers like that in CB for me, mostly travel related plus always one called 'adhoc'!

Oh and i've now started to create one called 'transfers' which means you can mass update transfers (as REC's and PAY's) and they all fall under the 'transfers' entity instead of clogging up the actual entity they belong to - if that makes sense?! [more for Paul than you Phil]

Thank you both very much for responding, I will add a Supplier called "Taxis"!

Thanks Kevin - why didn't I think of that?

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