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Question asked by Kangwa Mushibwe 3 years ago


I have the attached problem. I have two invoices from a supplier and one credit note. They have refunded the difference between the credit note and the two purchase invoices. How do I allocate the payment?


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Hi Kangwa,

The system currently does not allow part payments allocated to credit notes. In this case, the best solution would be to create a Contra Account by heading to Money > Bank Account > Add Account (add it as a bank account named Contra Account). Once this is done, pay off both the bills and credit notes using the Quick Pay feature; selecting the Contra Account, please see example below:


After this, you can then explain the receipt as a transfer from the Contra Account, as shown below:


I hope this has been helpful!



Will the system be updated to pick up credit notes and invoices without the need for a work around?

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