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Removing a single Allocation from an Invoice.

Question asked by Annabel Dawn Lovell 3 years ago

I have a credit note on our system for £2000.00. It is paid off by an employee at £50.00 per week. This shows on Bank Accounts and lists all the Invoices the Credit Note has been allocated against. It also gives you the option to Delete Allocations. I assume this will delete all of them, is there a way to delete one of the allocations?

I paid off £150.00 of the credit note against a weekly invoice instead of the agreed £50 and I would like to delete this or amend it and I don't know how.


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Hi Annabel,

Unfortunately not. If you want to delete an allocation, all allocations from the credit note will be deleted.

I can see how this is quite inconvenient for you. I will add this in as a customer suggestion for consideration.

Oh that's not good. In this case what would be the best thing to do? Add £100.00 onto the Credit Note or raise another invoice for the Employee for £100.00?

My brain is a bit frazzled with regards to this one, the more I look at it the more confused I get!! Any advice much appreciated.

Hi Annabel,

Unfortunately, raising another invoice or adding to the credit note would not be an accurate way for keeping records of your accounts. It is advised to delete the whole allocation and reallocating the credit notes correctly.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused!


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