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Question asked by Mike Ashworth 3 years ago


i am in the start-up phase for my limited company. i have incurred some business expenses that i have paid for from my own pocket. Rather than wait until revenue is sufficient to pay my expenses i would like to "get them into the system" by utilising the Director Loan Account (which i've already set-up) and i will pay myself later on.

i am at a loss to work out where i would enter the following expenses into clearbooks

  1. £150 marketing expense
  2. £100 stationery

i am not registered for VAT

i hope someone can point me in the right direction as to where i need to go in clearbooks and the process i need to follow / entries to be made etc.

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Hi Mike,

You can add these expenses processing money out. On the Money>Bank accounts menu use the money out link beside your DLA - fill in the details of the money out and then you will be required to explain this payment (selecting the supplier and account code).


When you decide to pay yourself back in future you can create a transfer from your business account to the DLA.

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