Question asked by Brenda Balmer 3 years ago

It would ideal to have a tab along the top for customer statements and be able to click on the customer and see their statement without having to navigate through the customers.

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Hi Brenda,

Thank you for your suggestion! However, have you tried to access the customer statements by heading to Contacts > Customers > Then clicking on the amount due, which should bring you to their customer statement. For example:



Thanks Tommy, yes I do this but just think its a long winded process to keep having to go through contacts each time e.g clicking on the letter etc.

Hi Brenda,

I see, but if we had a tab at the top, you will still have to select the customer.


I guess its the customer selection that I find bothersome. I'm a control and F person who rather than clicking :)

Hi Brenda,

Ah I see, but you could go to Contacts > Customers and Ctrl F from there, then click the balance to open the customer statement :)


No problem! :)

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