Can I export payroll data

Question asked by Paul Green 2 years ago

Hi all, We're looking at going with a more comprehensive payroll system for 2019. Is there any way to export employee data from Clearbooks?

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Hi Paul - you can actually use HR (which should have all the employee details from Payroll) to export this data - under Employees>Export


Cheers John. Just given this a go and it's useless to me. The DOB formatting isn't recognised by the software I'm importing in to - To be honest, it's baffling me why a data export is formatting the date as xth November 1983 instead of a standard format like YYYY-MM-DD or DD/MM/YYYY - That's going to be a ball-ache for any import routine!

And the lack of a works number on the export too.. Not the first pointless thing in CB. I'll get an admin to do it manually, don't worry.

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