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Question asked by Charlotte Thoemmes 2 years ago


Is it possible to auto send invoices to multiple email addresses?


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Hi Charlotte,

Unfortunately not, it will only auto send to the main email address of the contact. This has been raised recently and I can see a request has been logged. These will be reviewed in the near future as soon as we have completed our main priorities currently on our roadmap.


would like this feature please

Hi Yehudit,

I do apologise, I have double checked this with our Developers who have informed me that this is possible.

If you head to Settings > Configure system > Invoice preferences, and you have to enable "Invoice Multiple Contacts" there. Once completed, you can must then edit the relevant contact > click on the Additional contacts tab to add multiple contacts. Then, while creating/editing the invoice, you can specify multiple contacts which the emailing will respect. There will be a "Notifications" dropdown appearing after that setting is enabled.


Again, I'm very sorry for the confusion earlier!


Thanks for this Tommy!

No problem at all!

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