Reverse charge for the Construction Industry

Question asked by Kevin Doran 11 months ago

Hi guys

Just checking to see what's in place for this?

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Hi Kevin,

This one is scheduled to be done by the 1st October - it is currently in the very early stages of development. The guys are finishing off the work towards open banking and then the focus should switch to this.

It is still being scoped out a bit at the moment, so I don't have much detail, but I think it may require a new VAT treatment.

Cheers John, only just getting to grips with it all myself. Can understand why it's being done but another headache many could do without that's for sure!!

I completely agree :) As soon as there are more development I shall let you know.

John Fouracre - following on from the initial query about reverse charge for the construction industry, do you have any more news about this facility being launched within Clearbooks?

It's been delayed 12 months so I doubt they're in a hurry now ;-)

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