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I'm the treasurer of a small running club (so unfortunately have limited accounting acumen). We collect a lot of our payments through GoCardless, and I'd like to import statements from this into Clearbooks.

To do this, I currently download a .csv file from Gocardless, do some reformatting and manually upload to Clearbooks. But I feel there must be a better way - is it possible to link the accounts directly, as with using Yodleee to link to a bank account?

Any guidance on how to do this would be much appreciated.

Thank you Alex

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Hi Alex,

I would suggest setting up our GoCardless integration as this will provide you with the easiest way to import your transactions. Please see the link below for our guide on this.

How to set up the GoCardless integration

All the best,


Hi guys

Thanks very much for the replies!

I've looked at the instructions in both links and I can get as far as step 3. Then I can't do step 4 as I can't see a "Start GoCardless Setup" button. Could this be because it's already set up?

To clarify, GoCardless already appears as one of my bank accounts in Clearbooks. What I want to do is get a feed, so that all 'payments' in GoCardless appear as a bank statement in Clearbooks. This would save me needing to download a .csv of the payments (which has data protection issues) and then manually adding it to Clearbooks. Do you have any thoughts on how I can do this?

Thanks again for the support. Alex


I believe that is the case. It sounds like you have the integration enabled and should be able to just continue with setting up the integration as normal. Regarding the automatic import from GoCardless. The integration would not create a statement to be explained. It would only mark invoices as paid when they are paid by a mandate and create a record of the payment and subsequent fee in the GoCardless 'bank account'. In essence it would recreate your statement and the only action you would need to do is record a transfer for when GoCardless sends money to your business account.

All the best,


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