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Question asked by Natalie Collinson 10 months ago

Hi, may I ask what process drives the automatic bank feed updates?

I understand they update automatically 4 times per day, however, my (Santander) feed hasn't updated since 02:39am on Friday.

I know from logging in to my online banking I've got money coming in (and going out) - but it's not showing in Clearbooks.

Is there a way to increase the 4x frequency? Thank you.

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Hi Natalie,

I am afraid it is not possible to increase the frequency. If you have completed transactions that are not showing, I would suggest raising a support ticket with us by sending an email to I can then assist you further.

All the best,


I've imported some bank transactions via csv some 200 entries, started explaining them but realised they've gone into the wrong bank account

What's the best way to undo the import or?

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